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The Internet, Facebook Ads and Search Engines – How They Changed the Philippine Economy

The Internet, Facebook Ads and Search Engines – How They Changed the Philippine Economy

A digital marketing company in the Philippines has become a necessity for the success of businesses in the country. In a span of a decade, Philippines adapted to the intricacies of the internet like fish taking to water. It seems that interconnectivity fit right in the social landscape of Filipinos. Now, we’re seeing the various changes the internet has done especially to the economy of the Philippines.

Technology and the Philippine

In the early 2000s, people relied heavily on tri-media for advertisements. Commercials ran on either television, radio or print ads. If you wanted to run PR campaigns or reputation management strategies, you’d have to rely on what we now call cumbersome modes of advertisement. Communication is a key component in advertising. To relay information swiftly, one would need the telegram because it was cheaper or pay using long distance calls in stores that offered them.

Cellular phones already existed back then, but
these were devices that were only available to the rich. No one thought of
using the telegram, long-distance calls, and cellular phones to advertise
anything. The profits of advertising in using the above-mentioned technologies
could barely justify the expenses. That’s why it’s surprising how we’re now
using our smartphones to browse the internet. We’re now inundated with Facebook
, pop-ups, and discreet ads placed on websites or apps. The internet is
truly a powerful force that helped boost the Philippines.

The Power of Social Media

Filipinos are sociable. As cellphones and usage
costs became cheaper, text messages almost rivaled tri-media advertisements.
You could get information out faster by SMS blasting your ad. In fact, text
messaging was instrumental in gathering Filipinos for EDSA 2, the people power
rally that help oust a president. Organizers were able to send out information
so quickly that the government at that time barely had time to react.

Now, power has shifted to web developers in the Philippines. A good web development company with SEO experts now command the marketing landscape of the country. Ads can now be pumped out at a cost that is significantly lower than tri-media. Consider the following costs between a regular TV ad spot of 30 seconds and a social media advertising campaign.

TV Ad Costs

One TV ad that’s only 30 seconds long and shown
only once can cost up to 800 thousand pesos. Primetime slots can cost even up
to 1 million pesos for that one slot. A typical cost of
TV ads in the Philippines
for one week can rack up to 10 million pesos or

Target audience: It is estimated that there are
20 to 30 million Filipinos who owns a television.

Social Media and SEO Campaigns

SEO companies offer cyber ads that can last for a long time on the internet. A company can charge up to 100 thousand pesos per month.

Target audience: It is estimated that 60 million
Filipinos own an internet-capable smartphone. Anything posted on the internet
can be viewed by more than 3 billion users worldwide. Even at 1% visibility
will still give you 30 million views.

It’s plain to see how much each marketing strategy
costs and how much reach you can get per ad campaign. An SEO company can also
run different strategies such as social media posts, articles, website
optimization and more.

Hiring an SEO Company in the

Don’t hesitate to advertise on the internet. Your product or brand can be advertised online and will be viewed by more people compared to using tri-media. We at SEO Global Inc. offers SEO packages that will increase your visibility and gain you, new clients. Talk with one of our agents and we can set up an effective internet marketing plan and see your business grow swiftly.

5 Ways Your Digital Marketing Agency Philippines can Help Boost Your Business

5 Ways Your Digital Marketing Agency Philippines can Help Boost Your Business

Most companies, if not all, have their own online strategies that their digital marketing agency Philippines developed for their business specifically. And these strategies are a major factor in either their success or their downfall.

We all know how fierce the commercial industry is. So, having a business means you need all the resources you can get to be able to build a strong foundation for it and follow it up with the best ways to promote and sell your products or services. And your brand having a website is the first step in all this.

This is what your marketing agency and web design Philippines are responsible for. If you have the best marketing team in your company, like SEO Global Inc., you are sure to reach success. But if you hire the wrong agency, then don’t expect too much.

Having a digital marketing team is definitely a necessity. After all, this is the digital age. But how do these agencies meet their expected goals?

Digital Marketing Ways

A digital marketing agency is quite important for today’s businesses, where the internet plays a major role in reaching a positive return on investment. These agencies are even called social media agency by some, because of the huge role that social media has in their marketing strategies.

But aside from using social media to promote a brand, here are 5 more ways that your digital marketing agency uses to achieve your digital goals.

  1. Search Engine Optimization – Optimizing your website to gain relevant traffic and have it rank high, naturally, on search engine result pages, like Google.
  2. Search Engine Marketing – paid efforts to gain traffic and get a high ranking on search engines.
  3. Content Creation – creating quality content that will gain a relevant audience and link it to your website.
  4. Online Reputation Management – taking control of the online conversation that will help your business build better credibility.
  5. Email Marketing – sending a commercial message through email to a list of potential customers.

These methods, when done correctly by your digital marketing agency, will surely impact your business in more ways than one. And it can definitely help you reach your goals faster than you think.

Now, if your business is not reaching the goals you have set, why not call the best digital marketing agency in the Philippines? Visit SEO Global Inc. now to how you can achieve success and have your company stay on top.

Effective Online Marketing Plan – SEO Global Inc.

Effective Online Marketing Plan – SEO Global Inc.

Digital advertising is currently becoming the most lucrative business in the industry, especially when paired with effective marketing plans and resources.

Marketing plans are vital to the success rate of the project. However, whether you’re a start-up or an established brand in the industry, constant digital advertising is essential to keep the company on top of the business line.

The initial target is to make your product known to the public. If product introduction is the first step, the long-term goal is to keep the product standing out among other competitors. How do we do this?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the number one digital marketing strategy that we can take advantage of. Bringing your products on the first page of Google would be the most desirable position since the majority of the people rely on its search results. Here are some of the most effective ways:

Top 4 Strategies for An Effective Marketing Plan

Proper Keywording

Keywords are what people use for research. Most of their queries are specified with words and phrases. They use specific keywords to target the exact product they are looking for through the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). An effective SEO technique would include strong keywords that will catch the market’s product interest.

Quality Content Marketing

Content creation involves web design cost considerations. Aside from that, the content quality of the website pages and product descriptions affects the interest of the audience. Engaging contents must be assured to catch the market’s sentiments as well as their preferences. Call to actions and images are only a couple of the most engaging techniques for content marketing.

Utilization of Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook marketing are three of the most commonly performed social media marketing strategies by SEO companies. These platforms are congested with online users which makes them viable for product advertising. Thousands and millions of active online members engage with social media advertisements just as much as they do on physical stores.

Reputation Repair and Management

As much we would like to avoid it, an entrepreneur must anticipate the possibility of dealing with reputation repair. Being prepared to handle a situation as such proves to be a prudent move.

SEO Global Inc. provides online marketing services that will help your company boost product sales and brand promotion. Visit SEO Global Inc. and look at more of our offers on effective marketing plan strategies. Ask us today!


When to Outsource SEO – Boost Your Internet Marketing

When to Outsource SEO – Boost Your Internet Marketing

MM Dumalag

Written by MM Dumalag

July 30, 2019

Getting a local SEO company might seem wasteful especially for older business owners. They tend to think traditionally and rely on tri-media of newspapers, tv, and radio. In contrast, search engine optimization or SEO is a set of techniques used by business owners or even ordinary people in order for their brand or products to be searchable on the internet.

The internet and social media just keep on getting more and more popular and websites are fine-tuning themselves to be readily available to the public. With a possible audience of three to four billion users worldwide, it’s no wonder why big companies like Amazon, Alibaba and more are investing more and more with SEO.

With proper SEO content and a network of websites ready to boost your own website, an SEO agency can help establish your company website as a position of authority.

Is SEO right for you?

Before you outsource SEO, you have to learn if your business will benefit from it or not. Here are a couple of questions that you might want to consider before spending time and money on SEO.

1. Is your local area internet ready?

If your product or service is for local consumption only, you can use local SEO. It is a type of optimization that is geared to improve your website ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) for your local area. When someone searches for ‘plush bears in Racoon city’, your website will have a higher chance of being found by customers living in Racoon city.

However, you also have to take into consideration the level of technology in your area. If it is a populous city with internet infrastructures, then an optimized website is a good investment. If you happen to live in an area without internet or has poor net infrastructures, then SEO won’t make a difference. It might be an added expense on your part. Instead, you might benefit more by printing ads in newspapers or putting up posters.

2. Are you selling a product or service that can be exported?

As previously stated, SEO is a set of techniques that allows your website to be found on the internet. Let’s use a product called ‘plush bears’ again. Is this an item that you can export to another location? If you’re keen on selling these items to other people outside of your locality, then SEO will help you faster than traditional media. A website detailing your product can be seen by more people with the help of search engine optimization tricks.

You will benefit from using organic SEO. These are techniques that aim to target customers globally. Your website will have to be fine-tuned to compete with millions of websites on the internet that is possibly selling or talking about your product/services.

Outsourcing SEO

A good SEO company should have a repertoire of internet marketing strategies and techniques that can help you whether you want to be found locally or internationally. Furthermore, with proper SEO content and a network of websites ready to boost your own website, an SEO agency can help establish your company website as a position of authority. Once you get that type of achievement, search engines will almost always display your site on the top ranks of the SERPs.

Don’t you want to wait for search engines to discover your site? There’s the option of paid SEO. It’s a little bit trickier than plain SEO. A good company that provides SEO services will be able to help you with the paid search so that you won’t lose more money than profits coming in.

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” 

-Phil Frost, Main Street ROI

We, at SEO Global, have made it our business to help with your online presence. Be it local or international SEO, we have a repertoire of techniques that can help your brand become known. 

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Why Hire an SEO Consultant – Online Marketing in 2019

Why Hire an SEO Consultant – Online Marketing in 2019

For the ordinary person, an SEO expert is a relatively unknown profession. SEO in itself is an acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. In fact, people are not familiar with the term search engine. They might recognize it if you call a search engine by names such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. However, why does a search engine have experts or consultants? If you’re an ordinary person with no business, you might not need one.

Why Experts on SEO Exists

During the younger days of the internet, websites numbered around by the hundreds. The most common way to get around was to go to an index website and see an alphabetical list. Sites like Yahoo! Started out that way. However, as websites started growing to the thousands, people were quickly realizing that browsing pages upon pages of an online list of websites weren’t feasible.

Search engines were introduced on index sites that allowed one to search for a keyword of the website title they were looking for. This basic search engines only grabbed the title of the website. As sites reached millions to hundreds of millions, the simple search engines could not could as most websites would have the same title. Earlier search engines like Altavista, Ask Jeeves and more started developing algorithms that could scan and index websites using various keywords.

The popular search engine today, Google, has perfected the algorithm and spawned internet marketing of today. An SEO consultant is someone well-versed in the algorithms of search engines.

Internet Marketing – A Tool for Success

Let’s say you own a company that sells designer handbags. Putting up a shop is a good start. Advertising via radio, TV and print ads are sure to garner attention. However, an online shop has the potential to increase your sales a thousand-fold. Just imagine, in one large state, you could target at least half a million customers.

The process of getting an online shop is difficult to do alone. However, you can make things easier by getting the best SEO company to help you. They can help you with the following:

  • Setting up a website

  • Optimizing the website for search engines

  • Providing content with targeted keywords for your product

  • Promote your site on other websites, social media and more

  • Run ad campaigns and promotions online

Where to Find a Good SEO Company

It would only be natural for an SEO company to be easily searched online. After all, their trade is in search engine optimization after all. To make things easier for you, SEO Global Inc. Offers local and
organic SEO and other internet marketing services you might need. Promote your site and be discovered online by customers. Visit the SEO Global website and talk with an agent on how they can best serve you.