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While it is true that no specific SEO copywriting practices can ever guarantee high search engine rankings, this doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to implement industry best practices because they are still considered highly effective and efficient SEO techniques. By working with the most professional SEO company, you can rest assured that the right methods will result in better website performance.

Here are some effective SEO content creation guidelines that even the best SEO company use to increase their chances of getting high SERP rankings:


Make It Informative and Engaging


Keep in mind that you are producing content not just for the search engines, but mainly for internet users. Don’t make it your primary concern, for instance, where to put your keywords within your content. Remember that your goal is to convince your readers to get your products or services, and so your content must appeal to them. Even an affordable SEO company will advise that you keep your content interesting and relevant in order to attract traffic.


Keep It Readable


In the world of SEO, it is believed that pages containing at least 300 words are those that rank better. This is because long and informative posts are more appealing to readers. However, it is important that your pages be friendly to your readers. This means that your content can be scanned and read easily. To do this, always include headings, subheadings and even bullet points.


Find the Best Keyword/s to Use


Internet users reach your site through the words they key in the search engines. Thus, it is crucial that you use those that generate traffic. Since keyword research is always one of the hardest things to do, leaving it in the hands of a professional SEO company is recommended.

When it comes to the number of times your keyword/s should appear on a page, it is a good idea to use one keyword per page, which should also contain related variations, synonyms and long tail phrases. Be careful not to fill your pages with too many keyword/s to avoid getting penalized.


Optimize Headings and Subheadings


Headings and subheadings are not just to divide your posts into smaller pieces. They also inform search bots what your content is all about. That’s why you have to make sure they contain the right keywords or phrases to make your content more noticeable to search engines.


Place Links Strategically


When creating links among your pages, do not use the same keywords repeatedly. The best SEO company would also link your pages to authority sites to offer more value to readers. You shouldn’t, however, put outbound links in the beginning of your content. Place them in the body copy instead.


Encourage Interaction


There’s no way you should ignore the power of social media networks. A professional SEO company knows that writing well optimized content is not enough. More importantly, you should be able to share them in order to reach more audiences and generate more traffic to your website.