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B2B companies are now investing a huge amount of time and resources on content marketing, such as by hiring professional search engine optimization services, in an aim to attract prospects and increase leads. As a matter of fact, studies show that 70 percent of B2B marketers are gearing up to create a lot more content come 2017!


But while it’s good that you have a content-creation plan already in place, you should also pay attention to how you’re going to increase the reach of your content marketing. Below are the most effective methods for increasing the number of people reading your content:


1. Never Stop Promoting


It’s not enough that you create valuable, informative, and industry-relevant content. More importantly, you should market and promote it to attract viewers and readers. People won’t just find your content out of nowhere! You need to market your content to attract attention. Here are some few tips for this:


●        Promote your content on social media channels on a regular basis.


●        Use quotes or snippets from blog posts and include in your tweets.


●        Always include evergreen blog posts in your social media content.


●        Properly utilize calls-to-action, influencers, and syndication.


2. Optimize Landing Pages and Blog Posts


The best SEO optimization strategy involves optimizing blog posts and landing pages for search engines. There are on-page SEO practices you need to follow to ensure that your content will be found by search engines and read by users. Without proper optimization of these will result in you losing tons of traffic and opportunities to win potential clients.


3. Your Employees As Content Marketing Ambassadors


No matter how big or small your company, your employees are an excellent tool for increasing the reach of your content marketing. Everyone in your team has their own social media accounts which they can use to share your content. They also have different networks and audiences, so each share they make means a different group of users reached by your content. Thus, you must encourage your employees to:


●        Retweet, like and comment on your social posts


●        Share webinars, eBooks, and blog posts on their LinkedIn accounts


●        Use your content to start conversations on various social media platforms


●        Promote your content during email and face-to-face interactions with potential customers


4. Email Marketing


When it comes to boosting your content marketing reach, email is definitely a powerful tool. Send emails not just to sell your products or services, but also to share valuable and interesting content. This way, recipients of your emails will be encouraged to visit and follow your site for useful information.


Needless to say, content marketing is time consuming and can be overwhelming for inexperienced Internet marketers. A good option is to hire SEO Philippines professionals to take care of your content marketing needs.