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The Internet, Facebook Ads and Search Engines – How They Changed the Philippine Economy

The Internet, Facebook Ads and Search Engines – How They Changed the Philippine Economy

A digital marketing company in the Philippines has become a necessity for the success of businesses in the country. In a span of a decade, Philippines adapted to the intricacies of the internet like fish taking to water. It seems that interconnectivity fit right in the social landscape of Filipinos. Now, we’re seeing the various changes the internet has done especially to the economy of the Philippines.

Technology and the Philippine

In the early 2000s, people relied heavily on tri-media for advertisements. Commercials ran on either television, radio or print ads. If you wanted to run PR campaigns or reputation management strategies, you’d have to rely on what we now call cumbersome modes of advertisement. Communication is a key component in advertising. To relay information swiftly, one would need the telegram because it was cheaper or pay using long distance calls in stores that offered them.

Cellular phones already existed back then, but
these were devices that were only available to the rich. No one thought of
using the telegram, long-distance calls, and cellular phones to advertise
anything. The profits of advertising in using the above-mentioned technologies
could barely justify the expenses. That’s why it’s surprising how we’re now
using our smartphones to browse the internet. We’re now inundated with Facebook
, pop-ups, and discreet ads placed on websites or apps. The internet is
truly a powerful force that helped boost the Philippines.

The Power of Social Media

Filipinos are sociable. As cellphones and usage
costs became cheaper, text messages almost rivaled tri-media advertisements.
You could get information out faster by SMS blasting your ad. In fact, text
messaging was instrumental in gathering Filipinos for EDSA 2, the people power
rally that help oust a president. Organizers were able to send out information
so quickly that the government at that time barely had time to react.

Now, power has shifted to web developers in the Philippines. A good web development company with SEO experts now command the marketing landscape of the country. Ads can now be pumped out at a cost that is significantly lower than tri-media. Consider the following costs between a regular TV ad spot of 30 seconds and a social media advertising campaign.

TV Ad Costs

One TV ad that’s only 30 seconds long and shown
only once can cost up to 800 thousand pesos. Primetime slots can cost even up
to 1 million pesos for that one slot. A typical cost of
TV ads in the Philippines
for one week can rack up to 10 million pesos or

Target audience: It is estimated that there are
20 to 30 million Filipinos who owns a television.

Social Media and SEO Campaigns

SEO companies offer cyber ads that can last for a long time on the internet. A company can charge up to 100 thousand pesos per month.

Target audience: It is estimated that 60 million
Filipinos own an internet-capable smartphone. Anything posted on the internet
can be viewed by more than 3 billion users worldwide. Even at 1% visibility
will still give you 30 million views.

It’s plain to see how much each marketing strategy
costs and how much reach you can get per ad campaign. An SEO company can also
run different strategies such as social media posts, articles, website
optimization and more.

Hiring an SEO Company in the

Don’t hesitate to advertise on the internet. Your product or brand can be advertised online and will be viewed by more people compared to using tri-media. We at SEO Global Inc. offers SEO packages that will increase your visibility and gain you, new clients. Talk with one of our agents and we can set up an effective internet marketing plan and see your business grow swiftly.

Top Benefits in Hiring an SEO Company in the Philippines

Top Benefits in Hiring an SEO Company in the Philippines

Top Benefits in Hiring an SEO Company in the Philippines

August 4, 2019


If you own a website, hiring an SEO company in the Philippines would be the smartest investment you can do. Search engine optimization has been used all over the world and the Philippine market is catching up. Local businesses are tapping SEO companies based in the Philippines to access a wider customer or client base. Even international companies are understanding the importance of a local SEO agency because they understand the benefits of hiring a company that knows the audience. These are the top benefits why local and international companies alike hire a good Philippine SEO agency.

The Philippines is still known as the texting capital of the world and adding to that achievement, we’re rising to become one of the voracious web surfers out there

Benefits of a Philippine SEO Company

1. The Philippine Internet Landscape

Very few countries can boast of a high rate of population connecting to the internet. The Philippines is still known as the texting capital of the world and adding to that achievement, we’re rising to become one of the voracious web surfers out there. If you own a local product and you want to tap the whole country, it’s wiser to spend more on Facebook advertising than on tri-media. With almost 60% of the population connected on the web, you have almost 60 million potential customers. Filipino SEO companies are connected with the population and can give you campaigns that will resonate with a larger population of the Philippines.

2. Highly Sociable Pinoys are an Asset

International companies will enjoy the Filipino hospitality and friendliness. A good SEO agency will know how to use these traits to your advantage. Consider a regular Filipino family. Most families will almost always have a relative that lives or works abroad. They are always connected via social media.  With a good social media campaign, you’re assured that your brand or product will get shared internationally. An online reputation management campaign will have a longer organic reach as opposed to those fake follows/likers companies.


3. Pinoys are Easy to Please

It’s easy to make a viral post in the Philippines. You’ll probably see a lot of memes, short videos getting passed around in social media sites. Philippine SEO experts are Filipinos themselves and they know what will be pleasing or not. The post should be relatable but don’t worry, Filipinos are easy to tickle.

A good SEO agency will know how to use these traits to your advantage. Consider a regular Filipino family.  

-Phil Frost, Main Street ROI

We’re All of the Above and More

As a home-grown company, we know the social heartbeat of the country. At SEO Global Inc., we can handle all your SEO requests from organic SEO to web design in the Philippines. We’ll connect you and your brand to the world. All you have to do is sit back and watch your website rise in rank and reach a wider audience.

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Why Hire an SEO Consultant – Online Marketing in 2019

Why Hire an SEO Consultant – Online Marketing in 2019

For the ordinary person, an SEO expert is a relatively unknown profession. SEO in itself is an acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. In fact, people are not familiar with the term search engine. They might recognize it if you call a search engine by names such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. However, why does a search engine have experts or consultants? If you’re an ordinary person with no business, you might not need one.

Why Experts on SEO Exists

During the younger days of the internet, websites numbered around by the hundreds. The most common way to get around was to go to an index website and see an alphabetical list. Sites like Yahoo! Started out that way. However, as websites started growing to the thousands, people were quickly realizing that browsing pages upon pages of an online list of websites weren’t feasible.

Search engines were introduced on index sites that allowed one to search for a keyword of the website title they were looking for. This basic search engines only grabbed the title of the website. As sites reached millions to hundreds of millions, the simple search engines could not could as most websites would have the same title. Earlier search engines like Altavista, Ask Jeeves and more started developing algorithms that could scan and index websites using various keywords.

The popular search engine today, Google, has perfected the algorithm and spawned internet marketing of today. An SEO consultant is someone well-versed in the algorithms of search engines.

Internet Marketing – A Tool for Success

Let’s say you own a company that sells designer handbags. Putting up a shop is a good start. Advertising via radio, TV and print ads are sure to garner attention. However, an online shop has the potential to increase your sales a thousand-fold. Just imagine, in one large state, you could target at least half a million customers.

The process of getting an online shop is difficult to do alone. However, you can make things easier by getting the best SEO company to help you. They can help you with the following:

  • Setting up a website

  • Optimizing the website for search engines

  • Providing content with targeted keywords for your product

  • Promote your site on other websites, social media and more

  • Run ad campaigns and promotions online

Where to Find a Good SEO Company

It would only be natural for an SEO company to be easily searched online. After all, their trade is in search engine optimization after all. To make things easier for you, SEO Global Inc. Offers local and
organic SEO and other internet marketing services you might need. Promote your site and be discovered online by customers. Visit the SEO Global website and talk with an agent on how they can best serve you.


Hiring an SEO Consultant – Navigating The Internet Market Successfully

Hiring an SEO Consultant – Navigating The Internet Market Successfully

The internet market has grown so complicated that you’ll need an SEO expert if you want to run a successful business. The internet is no longer an unknown entity in 2019. A lot of people are now familiar with cyberspace. For some people, it’s just for fun. They get to play games, chat with someone online and even share stories, images, videos and more. Yet, those three seemingly mundane activities among hundreds of more online activities can supercharge your business.

companies like Amazon and Alibaba have managed to use the internet to their
advantage. And for the foreseeable future, the internet won’t be going away any
time soon unlike how radio went nearly obsolete. To be a fraction as successful
as these big companies would be amazing. That can be done with an SEO marketing

What is an SEO Marketing Expert?

Now, if
the internet is no longer a stranger to most people, perhaps you might not know
what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. In the early days of
the internet, a website like Yahoo! provides a directory of websites much like
a phonebook. There weren’t that many websites back then. However, as the
internet grew, so did the number of websites.

Currently, there are 1.5 billion websites live and the number keeps on growing. Just imagine if you were to set up your own website, how will someone find your site among the 1.5 billion sites out there? This is the time for you to get an SEO consultant.

marketing expert or consultant has made it his or her work to help website
owners become searchable to the intended audience or perhaps to the whole
world. They will do their best to create your website that will then be indexed
by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. Their main purpose is to
make sure that your website can be found by your customers and future

How to Find the Best SEO Marketing Experts?

You can
find SEO consultants via the following methods:

  1. Social media – Log on to your favorite social media and search SEO and you’ll find a lot of them.
  2. Local SEO conventions – Sometimes SEO conventions bring in experts from all over the country to a convention to showcase their skills.
  3. Referrals – Ask successful website owners who their consultants are. Just make sure they’re not working for your rival company to avoid any conflict of interest.
  4. Search engines – The best SEO would know how to advertise themselves and be discoverable through search engines. Do a search with your favorite search engine and find the best SEO company for your website.

What to Look for in an SEO Company?

An SEO company should be able to give you a list of successful internet marketing campaigns as well as the websites they have done. Always ask for their portfolios and conduct interview sessions with them. Sometimes they give out free consultations just to see if they can handle your marketing needs.

Benefits of an SEO Company

You get
the following benefits to hiring an SEO company to help your business.

1. Knowledge of SEO

companies have trained experts that have honed their skills and kept themselves
up to date to the nuances and changes of search engines and social media.

2. Efficiency

save time and money with your internet ad campaigns instead of burning
resources with ineffective strategies.

3. Feedback and Strategy Analysis

An expert
can gather feedback and check for better strategies for future marketing

4. Improve ROI

When you
have an excellent internet and social media marketing campaign, you’ll reap the
benefits with faster ROI and sustain it for a longer period as compared to
flash in the pan marketing strategies.

Such a company that has all the benefits mentioned is SEO Global Inc. They provide consultation services on SEO and they have a long list of happy clients. Just take a look at their website and see for yourself. Boost your internet and social media presence now.

SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM): What are They and What are the Benefits?

SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM): What are They and What are the Benefits?

Search engine internet marketing is one of the most effective ways for your business to grow
especially since the world economy is growing increasingly competitive. It’s
just not enough to have a brand, you also have to get out there and advertise.
Customers now want the comforts of the internet and they tend to gravitate
towards businesses with online presence. If you want your business to compete,
then you have to tap into the internet and make your own website and improve
your social media presence. However, with millions of businesses on the
internet out there, how can you compete? The trick is to make your brand easily
discoverable by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Before we continue, we have to
define search engine optimization (SEO) first. It’s a set of techniques used by
web administrators to help improve the search engine results page ranking of a
specific website.

A customer often uses search
engines to look for a particular product or services. For example, a customer
looks for “delicious milk tea”. You also happen to sell milk teas, but so do
hundreds if not thousands more locally. That’s not counting the millions more
all over the world. As the customer uses a search engine like Google, various
things happen in the background.

First, the search website will
use the location of the customer to narrow the results to a specific area.
Second, the keywords will then be used to scan for websites that also contain
the same keywords. Finally, a search engine results page will be generated
which shows a list of websites. The aim in using SEO techniques is to have your
website with the product you’re selling appear at least in the first page of
the SERPs.

Search Engine Marketing – What
is it?

Competing with businesses online
using SEO can be difficult for some people. That’s because others will also be
competing on the free spots in SERPs using SEO. Thankfully, search engines like
Google and Bing have a way for businesses to gain an advantage. Search Engine
Marketing (SEM) allows you to pay for an advertisement spot that will appear on
the SERPs.

What happens is that advertisers
like yourself, will bid on keywords that one might ordinarily use to search for
your products. In the case of the example “delicious milk tea”, once you use
SEM your business will appear more often in the SERPs in a paid spot which are
often located at the top of the first page. This ad is often a pay-per-click ad
where advertisers have the opportunity to be seen by customers who are ready to
purchase the products they’re looking. In effect, businesses will be given an
opportunity to connect to the right customers.

SEO vs SEM – How Different are

These two might sound similar as
they more or less give out the same results which is getting the right
customers. However, these two are different methods in getting targeted

SEO focuses on search engine optimization results
by using techniques to obtain a free spot in the first or second page of search
engine results. While it’s technically free if you do it yourself, you’re also
competing with other businesses who also use the same method.

SEM on the other hand is similar to paid advertising like one would do
with a TV spot, radio ad or newspaper ad. You’ll have less competition in the
SERPs however, it might cost a pretty penny especially for new businesses.

Which One is Better for You –

It really depends on the goals
of your business. SEO is rewarding in the long run. Having a website
advertising your business with strong SEO techniques often leads to your
website becoming a position of authority. This means that when someone searches
for a set of keywords your website will be at the top of the SERPs more often
than competitors. However, it’s very hard to achieve this type of website.

SEM on the other hand offers a
quick boost to search engine advertisements. Still, they can cost a lot of
money. Especially when you run the ad for a longer period of time. However,
many businesses usually calculate the costs and the possibility of making a
sale to see if SEM will be beneficial.

Having trouble finding the right online marketing strategy? Try looking for SEO consultants such as SEO Global Inc. Consultants can help you find the right strategy for your business. Maybe your business will benefit from an SEO search engine marketing combined program. SEO consultants can guide you to the right path to maximize your budget and get good results.

Mobile First Indexing: What You Need to Know for Your SEO Marketing Strategy

Mobile First Indexing: What You Need to Know for Your SEO Marketing Strategy

There are so many ways to make use of
SEO marketing
so your website can reach the best ranks and bring amazing benefits to your
business. But Google is giving marketers a challenge and keep on changing the
algorithms for SEO, which means one method of optimization will not always
work. This is why SEO experts are needed by companies so they can keep track of
such changes and develop ways to stay in the ranking game.

But why does your web page need to
reach the top ranks or land on the first page of search engine result pages? It
all boils down to increasing visibility, awareness and relevant traffic to your
website, which will increase your conversion rate and bring great benefits to
your business, especially in terms of sales.

Now, one Google update that you need
to be aware of and use in your SEO strategy is the mobile first indexing.

What is it all about and how can you
make use of it in order to rank higher in Google SEO?

Mobile First Indexing

It is no secret how mobile devices
are conquering the world. And if you need your business to be seen by the most
number of consumers, your website needs to be fully functional in their
gadgets. Thus, you need to optimize it for mobile use, which you have probably
heard about.

But is it the same as mobile first

Google has placed the mobile version
of your website as the most important one, more than the desktop version. And
mobile first indexing is what determines your rankings.

This may be a bit far-fetched for
amateurs to understand, so let us learn about it in simpler terms.

  • Google said that it will now base all
    rankings, whether desktop or mobile, on the data it has gathered from the
    mobile crawl. And this is what mobile first indexing is all about.
  • Google will not use two indexes but
    will only have one, the mobile index, for ranking.
  • If you have content that is on your
    desktop site but not on the mobile version, it will not be acknowledged by
    Google. Thus, you will not rank for it.

From this information, we can say
that mobile first indexing is how Google gives importance to the information
and content on your mobile site and will index these for ranking. And this is
why you should prioritize and develop the mobile version of your website more
than the desktop one.

And there are SEO companies, like SEO
Global Inc., with their cheap
SEO services
, who can help you optimize your website, whether on mobile
or desktop, in order for Google to rank it.

Just check out SEO Global Inc. today, learn more
about them and find out which service in their total business solutions will
help your business the most.