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An Intro to Search Engine Marketing and How it Can Help your Business

An Intro to Search Engine Marketing and How it Can Help your Business

Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, is a marketing strategy that can boost your sales. You probably already know about tri-media marketing namely television, newspaper or print ads and radio. These traditional advertising reigned supreme for decades, that is until the advent of the internet. These advertising strategies can be useful however, SEM shows more promise especially now with the rise of social media.

How does SEM Work?

Let’s take a look at how a customer shops or searches for information these days. Here’s Betty, your average teenager who just got a sizable sum as a gift from her parents. Now she’s hankering for a pair of ‘animal print mini-skirts’. She could head over to a nearby mall. However, as Betty is your everyday teen who has a smartphone, she chooses to search for an online sale instead. Simply typing ‘animal print mini skirts’ on her phone allows her to browse hundreds if not thousands of stores displaying the item she’s looking for.

As she enters the keywords on her favorite search engine, she’ll be shown search engine results pages (SERPs). Each page will list a dozen websites arranged according to the relevancy of her query. It’s highly possible that her search could generate at least a hundred SERPs amounting to thousands of websites all selling the item she wants.

As a typical human being with a short attention span, she chooses the first SERP and probably will only explore the first five websites. If you happen to sell animal print mini skirts online, then the first SERP is where you want your website to be. The process to do that is through search engine optimization or SEO. You could do SEO on your own for free. However, search engine companies also want to make money for their own too. That’s why their first SERP now has paid advertisement slots that could trump your free SEO efforts. This is where SEM comes in.

Where to find SEM services?

The process of doing SEM can be very extensive. It’s a good thing that there are affordable SEO services from companies that also do SEM. Basically, the SEO company will formulate an SEM and then fine-tune your website for the products/keywords you’re aiming for.  Then you go to a popular search engine and start bidding for the keywords that are related to your business or product.

SEM, PPC and Paid Search Ads

Bidding on ads doesn’t work the way you think how an auction works. Essentially, you’re given an estimated amount of how much you’re going to pay per click (PPC) of a customer. For example, you could input at least 10 cents per click. Looks small but considering the fact that some keywords might be clicked by at least 1,000 users, you’re looking at a hefty $100 price tag. You have to weigh the costs of paying that $100 to find a percentage from the 1,000 users that will make a purchase on your website.

If that’s the case, then why not go as low as 1 cent per click? That’s where the bidding comes into play. It’s highly possible that someone wants the keywords you want and then bids at 50 cents per click. The search engine algorithm will then weigh your bids, apply some random calculations and your website might show up on the SERPs top rank every now and then.

Trusting SEO Companies

Always remember to balance the costs of the ad campaign and your ROI because you could lose money instead of earning. Doing things for free could end up with you going bankrupt. Get help from the experts. Don’t worry, there are affordable SEO that will help you boost your website. A good consultancy like SEO Global Inc. has multiple marketing strategies to help you corner the internet market.

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Technology and Its Role in Increasing Traffic for Search Engine Marketing

Technology and Its Role in Increasing Traffic for Search Engine Marketing

If you are new to the world of search engine marketing and SEO, you are probably still focusing on traditional methods for ranking, which include keyword identification and use, as well as content creation. While these methods do work effectively until today, there are other, easier ways that can help your website reach the top ranks on search engine result pages.

And this is with the help of technology. However, you need to invest financially on these tools in order to gain the most out of them. But your investment will surely be worth it.

Let us know what these tools are and find out how they can help your business in this digital age.

Tools that Drive Traffic to your Site

Search engine optimization is indeed monumental in digital marketing. There has never been another way of increasing the visibility of your business in the world wide web than through this strategy. And this is why marketers find and develop more methods to optimize their websites and land on search engine result pages.

And while there are methods that are constantly being used and are still effective with Google, some ways are newly developed just so they can stay within the ever changing algorithms.

And one of these is through the use of online tools. Specifically, here are some that have been proven to increase traffic.

  1. Quantcast – provides a demographic profile of your website or your closest competitor to know which audience you should be targeting.
  2. CrazyEgg – lets you know which of your visitors click on the most so you can use it to link to something more important.
  3. Buzzsumo – gives you ideas on what content works based on keywords you use.
  4. ClickTale – lets you see how visitors interact with your website, which gives you an idea about their decisions based ont heir movements.
  5. Ahrefs – lets you know about other websites search engine optimization strategies.

These tools drive not just traffic towards your site, but quality traffic. And that is what you need. What can you do with increased traffic that has nothing to do with conversion? You are just wasting your resources with them.

But if you invest in the above tools for your SEO, they will surely pay for themselves. And you will see how big of an impact they have on your website. SEO pricing won’t matter.

Now, all you have to do is learn more about them and find which affordable SEO services will work best for your business. Then have your marketers and SEO experts work on them.

And if you don’t have a team to help you with your SEO yet, SEO Global Inc. is the company for you. They provide total business solutions and services that will bring the results you need. Check them out today.

Website Analysis SEO: Effective Tools to Use for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Website Analysis SEO: Effective Tools to Use for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Everyone knows how important SEO is as a part of your online marketing strategy. In fact, you can’t achieve business goals without it, considering this is the digital age. But you should also know that using SEO alone won’t be effective if you don’t follow it up with website analysis SEO.

The question now is, how do you analyze your website and find out if your SEO strategies are working or not?

Website Analysis Tools

Today being the digital age requires an online strategy for businesses to succeed. Fortunately, most companies know this and have already incorporated internet SEO marketing and the likes into their marketing efforts.

What is unfortunate about it, though, is that marketers leave it at that, thinking SEO will do all the work for their business. Then, they find out their efforts did not work and their website only had little to no traffic at all.

When this happens, experts will easily say these marketers forgot all about website analysis.

But what is it all about and how can it be done?

According to Neil Patel, website analysis is what points out all the SEO errors you need to fix in order to increase your rankings. And if you want more traffic for your website, all you have to do is follow the analysis result.

Now, to analyze your website’s SEO, you can make use of effective tools that are easily available.

  • Website Analysis Tools
  • SEO Checker – gives you a complete list of errors that stops you from getting a high ranking                             on search engine result pages. T gives you the result based on each solution’s potential                                         traffic impact and ease of implementation.
  • SEO Audit Report – points out SEO errors and gives you step by step instructions, including                                              video tutorials, that will help you fix them.
  • Backlink Checker – allows you to find out who links to you, track your domain score, and your                         overall traffic metrics, letting you know what works for your site and what needs                                                               improvement.

It is quite fortunate that many online tools are available for marketers to use in their search engine internet marketing strategies. All you have to do is make use of it.

But if you are no expert when it comes to SEO, you will definitely need help. Just visit SEO Global Inc. and find out which of their services will suit your needs. Their total business solutions will be the answer to your SEO problems. Check them out today!

5 Top Tips in Writing SEO-Friendly Content as Shared by an SEO Expert

5 Top Tips in Writing SEO-Friendly Content as Shared by an SEO Expert

Search engine optimization is, no doubt, one of the best strategies you can have for your business in today’s digital age. However, it can be a challenge to take control of, which is why you will need the help of an SEO expert to stay updated with the changes in SEO and stay right on track for the success of your business.

Effective SEO Strategies

There are so many different strategies that will make SEO a top online marketing scheme. You only need to find one that suits your business and will work effectively for it.

Among those would be the ones listed below:

  • Optimize for user experience
  • Link building
  • Find and use an opportunity keyword
  • Increase domain authority
  • Improve content

SEO-Friendly Content

Content is still king, but only if it is SEO-friendly. If not, it can do nothing for your website and for your business. So, how do you make your content in par with SEO?

Here are some tips that your SEO consultant will unlikely share with you, but are proven to be effective and will surely increase your rankings in Google’s search engine result pages.

  1. Optimize your title. You can do this by making use of your keywords and only using 5-70 words in it.
  2. Use keywords in the body of your article. Learn about keyword density and reach 1.8%-2.50%.
  3. Reach at least 500 words. Your article should have this amount of words or it will be harder for search engines to generate traffic, especially when content is small.
  4. Make use of images. This can attract visitors and bring your website to a higher rank. Just make sure you optimize it so that it does not require long loading time.
  5. Use keywords in your URL. This will make it easier to find your content. Only use 10 words and avoid Stop Word such as “how” and “when”.

These strategies have been used by experts in the field of online marketing and SEO. And it’s a good thing they have been shared to help you develop your content and make them reach the top ranks of result pages.

Now, when you integrate these tips in your plans and have the best SEO company help you out, you will surely find success with your online marketing efforts.

But which SEO company will it be for you? There is only SEO Global Inc. as the perfect partner. With their total business solutions, you will have nothing else to look for. Go check them out today!

Step Up Your Internet Marketing Strategies with Online Reputation Management Services

Step Up Your Internet Marketing Strategies with Online Reputation Management Services

Businesses today cannot go on without an online strategy. After all, this is the digital age, and presence on the internet is considered crucial if you want consumers, locally and globally, to know about your products or services. But if you already make use of the usual online marketing tactics, what else can you do to get ahead? The answer lies on online reputation management services.

Online Marketing Strategies

If you have a business, you may be familiar with search engine optimization and other internet marketing strategies. These are the most common ways of getting the awareness that your company needs online.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – increases relevant traffic to your website through organic ways.
  • Content Marketing – creating content that your market needs and wants to attract visits from them.
  • Social Media Marketing – the use of social media sites to promote your business and creating a social media audience, which increases brand visibility.
  • Email Marketing – sending content, which may be newsletters, promotions and others, to customers and potential clients through emails.

It is not surprising if you have used the above tactics in getting your business known in the online world. They are, after all, quite effective in reaching certain goals.

But, in order to build a stronger foundation for your company and get ahead of the competition, you will need consumers to trust your brand. And you can do this by making use of online reputation management.

Online Reputation Management

Many business owners are not quite familiar with online reputation when it comes to their companies. Just what is it exactly and how can their business benefit from it?

  • Online reputation management is the process of controlling and improving how consumers see your brand.
  • It is an effective way of protecting your business in the online world, especially from social media.

Now, how can you use such a strategy to do the above effectively? There are just two key points of reputation management that you should base your plans on:

  1. Know and monitor what your customers, influencers and competitors are saying about your brand.
  2. Be proactive and do something to improve your brand reputation, make others say only positive things about your business, and repair any damage done.

If you are making use of local SEO services as one online strategy for your business, you can also get experts to help you with online reputation management, especially when you don’t know where to start with it.

Just find the best company that will develop the most excellent scheme for your brand and create a strong foundation for its reputation. And SEO Global Inc. will make sure to do this for you. Know more about this company today and how they handle online reputation management services.

Organic SEO Strategy: Steps Towards Success

Organic SEO Strategy: Steps Towards Success

People with businesses and have websites to promote and sell their products or services should understand that using organic SEO can greatly benefit them. And it is a good thing that most of them acknowledge the importance of search engine marketing in their businesses today.

The only problem is that many of them don’t know how to use this online strategy effectively. And they handle their own SEO even without the right knowledge and skills to do it.

How can SEO help bring companies to success if it is not used properly?

Steps in Using Organic SEO Effectively

The digital age has brought about numerous advancement in every industry and has made the internet an everyday technology. With this, its role in businesses has become quite important. And everyone should make use of it in order to reach success with their endeavors.

Now, one way of using the internet for the success of your business is through SEO. This strategy significantly increases consumers’ awareness of your brand and drives relevant traffic towards your business, greatly improving your conversion rates.

And how do you make good use of it? Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Know what your market wants and needs from you. Understand how they may search for your products or services on search engines.
  2. Do a thorough research on the keywords used by your market to search for your products. Know what keywords work and continue updating your keywords list.
  3. List your business on Google and make good use of localized search. This will be specially helpful for consumers looking for a product or service locally.
  4. Optimize specific pages on your website to rank higher on search engine result pages. You can start with your homepage since it holds general information about your business and consumers can navigate from that page.
  5. Make relevant changes in your HTML. Specifically, include keywords in your URLs.
  6. Start linking. Build inbound links and backlinks to help you rank higher.
  7. Create quality content.
  8. Keep track of your progress and update your strategy continuously.

If you have trouble getting organic SEO under control, especially if you don’t have the right people to handle it, you can easily outsource SEO to the experts. And SEO Global Inc. are the people to call.

SEO Global Inc.’s total business solutions will provide the answers to your online marketing problems. Just check out the services they provide and you will find one that will fit your needs and your budget. Visit SEO Global Inc. today.