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Do you want to boost your SEO performance on major search engines to give your company that much needed traffic and exposure? Currently, there are numerous tools which allows you to check your site’s SEO performance. However, there are a few which stood out from the rest. These tools come with either paid or free versions.


Best SEO Checker Tools for 2017


  1. This tool is available as a free version and it functions by monitoring all recent backlinks pointing back to your site. OpenLinkProfiler is a new competitor in the SEO field but is rapidly rising in popularity because it is totally free.


Ahrefs. This tool checks backlinks coming from outside sources and within the site. Also displayed as a part of its results are domains and anchor texts used for these backlinks. Ahref is available in both paid and free versions although the latter option is only capable of pulling up to 10 backlinks for each URL entered on the search button.


SEMRush. This popular tool is also one of the most recommended options used by SEO experts since it can pull up data on keyword phrases which can be used for both SEO and paid ad campaigns. It can also deeply analyze backlinks with its paid version.


Majestic SEO. This tool can analyze links, pull up backlinks, search keywords and monitor both the citation and trust flow of a site. It summarizes data in detail and is available as free and paid version. The free version can pull out up to 10 results as a part of its report.


Open Site Explorer. Just like most of the tools mentioned in this post, Open Site Explorer can also check backlinks, anchor texts and domain information. It is available in both free and paid version.


Getting the Services of 3rd Party Companies Vs. Doing It Alone


You can choose to do your own SEO marketing internet strategy or utilize the services of a 3rd party company. However, you need to be updated on the current trends on SEO before even embarking on a “make or break” process of promoting your site online.


SEO Philippines and other companies in Asia offer excellent SEO services for reasonable prices especially if you want to keep a tight hold on your budget. However, you can also utilize local SEO services in your place as another option.


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