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There are a range of tools that can be applied to help with a businesses digital marketing initiatives and strategy, with search engine optimisation ranking through SEO one of the most popular – SEO Philippines company SEO Global Inc. are one such specialist company able to help its clients through its SEO services.


Starting Point

Any digital marketing strategy is likely to have two basic elements as the starting point – the website and marketing strategy.  With these in mind, a variety of tools can be applied to ensure the maximum effectiveness of any strategy.

The range of tools available is vast, and as such it is perhaps useful to try to categorise them into the key areas as follows –


Social Media Tools

The first category would be social media tools.  Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing specialisms in the marketing space, with the huge popularity of platform such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn making it increasingly easier to reach an audience of millions.  Amongst the most popular tools include Buzzsumo, which allows businesses to identify which content works best. SharedCount allows users to track useful data such as shares, likes, tweets and re-tweets amongst others. TweetDeck allows users to know what’s popular on Twitter right now.



Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, has been around since 1991, just a year after the internet itself came into existence as we know it today. SEO is a process by which a company can move up a search engine’s rankings through a variety of tactics and techniques.  SEO is one of the key digital marketing tools used by businesses today, with a large range of companies offering specialised SEO services.  SEO Global Inc., mentioned above, are one such specialist company offering a range of SEO and related services.


Pay per Click

Pay per Click tools are yet another option for businesses wishing to develop their digital marketing strategy.  Pay per click is not free, as the name suggests, with businesses paying the host site each time a user visits their website.  Despite its cost, it can be a highly effective digital marketing tool.


Email and Analytical Tools

The list of tools is almost endless. In addition to the above, there are email tools and data and analytical tools available.  Email tools help manage a businesses email marketing initiatives efficiently, whilst data and analytical tools are used to ensure the maximum performance of a website.


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