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Christmas is almost here, which means that your SEO search engine marketing strategy has to gear up to make sure you can capitalize on the holiday shopping season. But while it’s really tempting to be aggressive in attracting huge amounts of traffic during this season, there’s just too much that needs to get done to make sure that you’ll be where customers are looking and buying.


Use the following tips to ensure your e-commerce holiday marketing success:


1. Identify Performance Metrics


You need to first identify your performance metrics because this will allow you to understand what incentives are urging customers to buy and what they are actually looking for in online stores. Also by determining these metrics, you will be able to locate your customers and you’ll also know where they’re trying to find you.


2. Decide on a Budget


Christmas is one of the few days in a year when online marketers really freak out. To avoid this, you must have a concrete marketing plan, and this starts with determining your marketing budget. What you want is for your budget to be aligned with all your marketing goals. This way, you won’t end up not having any funds to meet your target.


3. Be Ready for SEO Changes


If you’re not working with any internet marketing services online SEO company, then this is one thing you need to learn to do. One of the common mistakes by many marketers is taking SEO for granted during holiday shopping seasons. All they focus on is getting sales and making money! Well, of course, this is the same goal you have, but this doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore the best SEO practices.


Take note also that there are seasonal SEO changes that can affect the way your website ranks. Make sure you re-optimize your strategy so you can get higher rankings as well as more conversions.


4. Invest in PPC Holiday Ads


PPC ads are very important especially as the Christmas season approaches. By utilizing these ads, you are putting your business in a better position to get noticed by customers. Don’t be too scared to spend more than you usually do on this because as long as you do it right, this strategy is sure to boost your ROI.


5. Offer a Shopping Guide


There are way too many products you want to offer customers, but can you really keep track of them? You also need to consider how to make it easy for your customers to find the products they like from your store. You can do this by building a shopping guide. This, however, can be time-consuming so it’s a good idea to hire SEO Philippines to take care of your e-commerce holiday marketing needs.