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Finding affordable SEO services just got a little bit harder. Google, the world’s leading search engine, has now updated their algorithms for 2019. Website owners are facing a lot of changes that unintentionally reduce page visitors as Google tries to weed out sites using automated services to climb the search page results ranking.

In choosing the right SEO consultancy, they should know the 2019 SEO trends to help you get real visitors to your website.

Featured Snippets

If you’ve noticed recently, search engine result pages (SERPs) generated by Google now has a “featured snippet”.  A search query will often create a list that will have one visibly noticeable search result designed to grab the attention of the user. The featured snippet is the most relevant result for the search query.

Generated Snippets

Google has changed their way of posting snippets on SERPs. Structured data influences the search result snippet depending on the search term. Bots scour your page for data and a snippet will be generated along with your webpage on the SERPs. Make sure your webpage content is marked properly. A good SEO consultancy should know how to do that to help increase your ranking on SERPs.

Onpage Optimization

Otherwise known as on-page search engine optimization, 2019 will prove to be a challenge for this area of search engine marketing. A lot of factors must be considered in on-page optimization and your chosen consultancy should be competent enough for that. These are some of many optimizations you can do to improve your ranking. The following onpage optimization contains old optimization techniques which are still relevant and new SEO which reflects the technology of devices.

  • Data structure such as title tags, HTML, meta description
  • Web page loading times
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Web content such as optimized images, video streaming and HTML5
  • Backlinking
  • Voice search
  • Image search (captions, meta data, file name etc.)

Accelerated Mobile Pages

As more and more people buy mobile devices, your chosen consultancy should be able to optimize your webpage for the following:

  • Smartphones
  • Phablets
  • Tablets
  • Other devices (e.g. smartwatches)

How your website is viewed on many websites will affect view time. Your webpage should have an Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP. It’s a stripped-down version with less images and videos so it will load faster and cost less data which will make it more attractive to users with mobile devices.

Content is (still) King

Thankfully, one SEO feature remains constant throughout the years. Organic content is still viewed by search engines like Google as very important. Some SEO consultancies skip this by using word spinners or automatic article writing bots. Search engines will know if the webpage content is bot generated, they will bump the page off the top SERPs.

Getting help with SEO Consultancy Agencies

There are a lot more changes in 2019 that one must look out for. A good SEO consultancy with a competitive SEO pricingwill help keep your webpage relevant in the new year. SEO Global Inc. aims to increase your webpage relevance and help you reach people all over the world.