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The increasing use of 
search engine optimization for website rankingincluding SEO philippines, are an important thing for search engines such as Google to bear in mind when they prepare their website rankings.  There are companies with expertise in the area of SEO, including SEO Global Inc. who are able to provide their clients with enhanced search engine rankings using SEO tools.


Google Rankings
There are a number of factors taken into account when the internet’s biggest search engine, Google, creates its rankings.  Here are a few of the most important –


As web users expect a fast loading speed, it’s only to be expected that Google rate this highly.  People can’t wait even only 4 seconds to load a page, they want it instantly.  With the number of mobile searches increasing, Google have said the load speed on mobiles will be an important measure.

Even for global businesses, the priority for Google is local searches. People generally want local information when they search, especially on mobile devices, so Google want clients to have a local presence on their sites.

Snippets, those boxes of information that pop up when you key in a search, are obviously highly visible and therefore, important – possibly more so than ranking.  The key to having a snippet is to have the question it responded to on your page.

Mobile Devices
With the number of mobile device searches overtaking desktop, it’s no shock that Google are going to make mobile priority over desktop.  That makes it even more important to have a mobile optimised site.

We all know how annoying pop-ups can be, especially the ones with such tiny fonts we cannot close them.  Google have responded to this rather annoying feature by penalising sites with them, effective now!

As we’ve said before, when it comes to ranking content is king.  Well, Google changed its algorithm back in 20011 to focus on quality and not quantity of content. This trend will continue.

Links, along with content, are the two highest priorities when Google compile its rankings,experts believe.Therefore, if you want that elusive higher ranking, be sure to have links on your pages.


The internet is a competitive business, heed the above advice to get your site ranked even higher.


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