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Facebook has always been thought of as the best social media platform where people get to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones. But this isn’t the only reason why it has gained so much popularity, even among businesses actually. Advertising through Facebook comes with some amazing capabilities that help marketers customize their messages to target a specific audience. Below you will learn some strategies used by any professional website promotion company to increase their web traffic.


How to Take Advantage of Facebook Advertising


  1. Use advanced targeting options.One good thing about Facebook is that is offers a number of unique targeting options to be used for paid FB ads. You may choose to target your audiences according to age, location, workplace, gender, language, relationship status, and even education.


  1. Focus on your exact audience using interest targeting. Aside from the various targeting options mentioned previously, Facebook also offers deep interest targeting. This means that there is a way for you to find target audiences that are likely to choose your product or service. This feature of FB advertising is one that the best website promotion company out there will not forget to use.


  1. Target new friends or stay with existing friends.When you use Facebook advertising, you may focus your ads on your FB friends, or you may also target their friends and even those you aren’t connected with yet. Although this may cost you a little more, it will enable you to reach more audience.


  1. Pay attention to your potential audience meter.Every time you modify your targeting options and find more specific audiences, Facebook will provide you with an estimate of the number of people you may reach. Although this figure is not accurate, this could give you some idea on how many people you are targeting.


  1. Add categories to narrow your target.What a professional website promotion company does is make sure their target audiences are narrowed down by using the More Categories section. This will help you identify the most valuable target you can have.


  1. Use Facebook Offers.If you want to bring more customers in, the best way to do this is to target people who reside in your own area or town. You can then use Facebook Offers, which they may redeem in your store. This will also serve as a method for measuring the success of your advertising campaign.


  1. Upload mailing list to FB.In order for you to build on your existing leads, add a custom audience and get your mailing list uploaded directly to Facebook. This will allow you to target those users you are connected with.


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