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Increasing your website’s page rank or PR must be one of your priorities as a webmaster. A good page ranking in search engines is a validation that your site is considered as an authority in your niche or industry. While there is no easy way to earn a high PR, following an effective SEO structure will make your site attractive to Google. Implementing the following strategies, which by the way are used by any professional website promotions company, will help you achieve this goal.


Quality Content


The very first thing to do to increase your PR is to provide good quality web content and information. By doing this, there’s a bigger chance for you to get links from authority sites. This means that other sites will be letting their own readers know about your site. The more links you get to your site, the better your ranking will be.




Another technique used by the best website promotions company to reach a high PR is to try to get quality from sites in your niche. As much as possible, avoid getting links that aren’t from your niche topic. Getting quality links is possible if you do guest posting. Make sure that you keep a good reputation in the industry so you would be allowed to post articles on others’ blogs.


Blog Commenting


Take time to find websites in your niche and start commenting on them. By constantly commenting on these niche websites, you will receive some good backlinks from them. Blog commenting has long been considered an excellent way of increasing a website’s traffic and visibility, which then leads to a higher PR.


Directory Submission


You don’t have to submit your website to all directories online because not all of them are reputable anyway. You have to look for good directories that will deliver quality links to your site. What a professional website promotions company does is submit to around 25 do-follow directories, which should not be ‘spammy’. Do some research first on the best free blog directories before you go on submitting your website.


Good Server and Domain


It is important that you choose a reputable service provider to host your servers and domains. Letting your domain be hosted by a spam provider, there is almost no chance for your site to perform well in search engine page rankings.


Your Own High PR Websites


After hiring an affordable website promotions company and you’ve got another or other websites that have good page ranks, take advantage of this by getting a backlink from them. This is much like trying to get good links from authority sites, only that you are doing it from a website that you own.

These are the important factors you should take into account if you are aiming for a high PageRank. Work with a professional website promotions company https://seoglobalinc.com  and see how we can help you boost your website PR in no time!