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Nowadays, there are different ways to get your products and company known online on search engines. This may be through advertisements, and SEO or search engine optimization. If you are not the techie type of person, delegating the task to experts can be a good way to help you cement your brand ahead of your competitors. This is where online marketing SEO services comes in. However, how do SEO experts get the job done?


Paid Advertisement Vs. SEO


When done and implemented properly, both can help you land your sites on top page of search engine results. However, there is a huge difference between the two. SEO delivers organic results. On the other hand, paid advertisement like PPC or pay-per-click campaigns delivers paid searches.


You don’t have to pay search engines any fee at all if you opt for SEO as this option allows you to implement a series of strategies to help you land a spot in search engine results. As for PPC, you need to pay a certain amount to get your site shown in top results of search engines once an audience types in a search query and click on your site (as the term goes: “pay-per-click”).


Both processes have certain advantages of their own. If you have money to spare for online promotions, you can hasten the process by opting for PPC. However, if you don’t have the much-needed budget, getting your site visible online thru SEO is the choice for you.


How Is SEO Being Done?


Remember that SEO is mainly anchored on optimizing your content to make it searchable by search engine crawlers. When properly done, you can get better chances in landing at the top results of search engines for a certain keyword.


  1. Whether you are doing the process by yourself or entrusting it to an expert  SEO and internet marketing company, the entire process begins with keyword research. Select keywords with high monthly searches and low competition. As much as possible, your keywords should be around 2 -3 words or more.


  1. Incorporate these keywords in your content. This include adhering to a SEO-content guideline. This involves using the keywords in important locations such as title, headers, 1stparagraph of the post and in the body. Alt-tags should also be used with images.


  1. Optimize these keywords with plugins. Tools such as SEO Yoast and Add Meta Tags are optimized for this purpose.


  1. The next one involves your link building efforts. Automating your content all over the internet like blog sites, directory submissions and even social media can help you gain more traffic, clicks and content exposure, increasing your chances of “visibility.”


  1. Check your site’s SEOperformance with the use of backlink checkers as well as analytics if there are improvements.


Knowing this process gets you better chances of landing in top pages of search engines. Whether you are doing it alone or with the help of an expert, it is best to check the effectiveness of your campaigns to gain better results


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