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Hiring an SEO company in the Philippines can seem like a daunting task. On the surface, the country is not known (yet) as the hotbed of SEO activity. This is the result of many Philippine companies still relying on the age-old method of driving sales up, word-of-mouth. That strategy works, in certain situations of course. That might not be a bad idea if the business is a local one with no plans or chance of going bigger, like your local tire repair shop.

However, many businesses that are service-based or into food and beverage handling can be bigger, and there is also the potential to go global. Just think about the now world-famous Philippine fast-food company with the bee logo. And one of the best and most sustainable methods to be a bigger company is through SEO. You can’t do it with just Facebook advertising alone. You need the whole shebang. And you need a good company to work with you. So how do you find one? Here are some factors to consider.


With experience comes skill, and this is the main reason why you would want a company with a lot of experience. At first glance, they would have an idea of what your company needs in its SEO campaign and would have a better understanding of the nuances when the time comes for them to go deeper into your company and market data. Plus, years of working with SEO will give them a lot of data on trends affecting search engine queries and results, not only on Google but across all search engines. This will give you an edge as there are potential customers who are using Bing, Opera, and others as well.

Body of work

This is actually one step that many companies fail to put on their checklist. You need to make sure that you pick a company that has done quality work in the past. And not just once or twice but a consistent show of excellent work on their portfolio would mean that this company looks to do the best job that they can on every project, and that would translate to a successful SEO campaign for your company.

Extensive knowledge

When you are trying to pick SEO companies, chances are they have campaign packages offered to their clients. Try and find a company that does more things than its competitors. If the market only offers Facebook ads, find a company that offers reputation management and market research. The rule of thumb is the more services they offer, the more knowledgeable they are on SEO as a whole.

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