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Google is constantly coming up with algorithm updates meant to give web users valuable information with every search, thus Philippine SEO companies like SEO Global Inc., are also updating their SEO programs.  With these updates, gone are the days when the best SEO strategy is to create keyword-stuffed, low quality content and propagating it all across the web.  When this method used to drive a heavy flow of traffic to your website, today it is something you should avoid doing, if you know what’s good for your website.


Since Google now looks for high-quality content, you should also re-strategize your SEO campaigns.


If you want your website to gain higher page rank in Google, here are the things you should include in your SEO efforts:


Creating Informative, Unique, High Quality Content


You may wonder, how can Google identify high quality articles?  Google will know high quality content from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, bookmarks, backlinks, and duration of visits from users.  If people exit from your site immediately after entering it, you will notice that your site will eventually be pushed down from the rankings.


Thus, you must see to it that what your article body conveys is information that your article title suggests.  Otherwise, people will exit your site as quickly as they entered it.


When you think what content to write about, think about things that you are good at.  Write about something you are actually interested in knowing.  Put yourself in the readers’ shoes.


Tasteful Injection of Keywords


Keyword stuffing is frowned upon by Google.  Instead, when you inject your keywords in the article body, try to read it aloud.  If it blends well with the sentence and the flow seems natural, then go ahead and include it.  If not, leave the keywords out.  Or, choose another keyword that will sound amazing with the sentence.


Title Should Include “What” and “How”


The first thing that potential readers see is your article title.  Thus, the title itself should best describe what your content is all about.  Readers would usually go to search engines because they want to know something or research on a topic.  Thus, “how” and “what” are the two words that attract most attention.


Furthermore, many people search the web using virtual mobile assistants like Siri.  When they talk to their mobile assistant, they would usually ask a question.  Titles in the form of a question will thus get more views in phones with a built in mobile assistant.


Adding Infographics


People are usually impatient when it comes to searching for things on the web.  When a page loads slowly, they exit the site and move on to the next down the list.  So, between an infographics and an article, people would prefer getting information from the latter.


Infographics are actually just information summarized in graphics and a few texts.  They are fun to read because they are accompanied by attractive illustrations.


Infographics cannot directly increase your page rank because Google cannot identify quality through text and graphics.  But, if your infographics are very good illustrations of something many people want to know about, they will rapidly get shared throughout social networking sites.


For websites like Pinterest, infographics are crucial.  People would usually judge the content of your pins just by looking at the image.  And, if you attach an infographics instead of an ordinary image, then people are more likely to think that your pin contains exactly what they are looking for.  Shares and likes will increase and links to your website will be propagated not by you but by users who think your content is informative and interesting.  This would earn you a big thumbs up from Google.  A higher page rank is sure to follow.


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