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Social media and search engine optimization web are two marketing strategies that are tightly interwoven. They are both organic inbound strategies aimed at building an attractive identity that will naturally impress and invite visitors to a website.


Considering that social media depends on quality content and a strong brand presence, it’s important for web marketing business owners to spend time and effort into increasing their social media reach as this is guaranteed to improve their website’s search rankings as well.


Below are the best social media practices website owners need to focus on in order to boost their SEO:


  1. Increasing your number of followers


The number of followers you have across all social media platforms has a huge impact on your search rankings. If you have only 100 followers on Twitter, for instance, you’re not likely to win the battle against another marketer with thousands or millions of followers. Take note, however, that Google has a way of detecting real Twitter followers. Thus, purchasing hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers isn’t likely to improve your SEO.


  1. Attracting more external inbound links


Another benefit of having a good social media campaign is that it attracts more external sites to link to your own content, which means a boost in your inbound links. Having diverse external links is very important in gaining authority in your niche, and getting the attention of Google as well.


  1. Optimizing posts for searches


Studies show that social media platforms are now being used as search tools as well. This is a great opportunity you must take advantage of if you want to widen your audience reach. You can do that by optimizing your posts specifically for searches. This will involve using the right keywords, creating good content, offering a variety of content, and so on.


  1. Encouraging social sharing


Social sharing plays a huge part in building a brand’s authority. Thus, you need to spend time and effort planning your content strategy to make sure your posts or content gets shared by as many people as possible. There are other tactics you can use to increase social sharing, such as interactive surveys, rewards for sharing, games, and so on. The point is that your content must be valuable enough to be interesting for your audience to share.


  1. Boosting brand awareness


Improving your reputation on social media can lead to a significant increase in your online brand presence. You can do this by increasing engagement on your brand and sharing of your content. While it can be a very complicated process to establish a good brand online, this is what you need to get noticed by Google.


Planning an effective social media campaign can be overwhelming and time consuming. Thus, it’s highly recommend that you work with a reputable company offering such service and successful strategies for SEO Philippines.