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As companies vie to get their products online and on view; tools such as search engine optimization, or SEO, can give them the edge, using website analysis for SEO – SEO Global Inc. are the only SEO Philippines company offering an extensive daily SEO service. As well as SEO services, the company offers website design, social media optimization, content writing and online reputation management.  Everything a company needs to make its presence felt online, in fact.


Cost or Investment?
Surprisingly, some companies view their website as a necessary means of doing business, rather then the efficient and effective marketing tool it can be. That’s possibly because they haven’t yet discovered how to make the website work, for them and their customers.  There are some tips to help businesses make the most of their website.


1. Be Visible On the Search Engine
Recent studies have shown that between 80% and 85% of web surfers discover new sites through a search engine.  Therefore, it makes sense to utilize a SEO programme, such as that developed by SEO Global Inc. – it can be relatively inexpensive when compared to other forms of marketing such as advertising.


2. Have Great Content
Having a flashy website may look good, but it won’t keep visitors coming back if the content is not up to speed.  If you want visitors to become repeat customers, make sure the content is what they want it to be.


3. Communicate Regularly With Customers
Find a way to ensure you can keep in regular contact with customers, or potential customer, by getting contact information so you can send them newsletters, announcements and other relevant information regularly. However, make sure they want to be communicated with to avoid negative feelings.


4. Market Your Online Presence
A great way to make sure people know you are online is to tell them! Utilize existing marketing materials to promote your website.  Try to use your web address as much as your company name to get it out there.


5. Make Sure Your Website Is Customer Focused
Internet marketing requires a fast delivery of the key message.  Customers are not necessarily that interested in the company itself, they are more interested in its products or services.  Of course, they want to know a little about you but make sure the focus is on their wants and needs.


So, as you can see there are a few basic steps to making your website a success and developing your business.


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