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Whether you are a startup company or not, using the right online marketing strategies can greatly help in improving your site branding and increasing your sales on the Internet. It is not just a matter of putting a website for people to see. What counts most is placing it on a location where people can see it, learn from it, and eventually purchase from it online. Marketing online SEO strategies and paid ads are just some of the tools you can use for this purpose.


What is SEO?     


SEO or search engine optimization is the process of utilizing a series of strategies whose goal is to increase your site’s ranking in search engine results. SEO starts with the right keyword research and utilizing these key phrases in the site’s content for search engine bots to crawl.


SEO offers organic search results. There is no fee which needs to be paid to search engines. There is only a need for increasing inbound links coming from authority sites plus a good quality content to pair up with the link building efforts.


What are Paid Ads?


As the name suggests, these ads need a certain amount of cash on your part in order to gain better spots in search engine results. The most common paid ad is the PPC or pay-per-click advertisement from which you need to pay the search engine company a certain amount of money for your site to be featured in the top results of search engine queries. Paid ads also require good keyword research.


SEO Vs. Paid Ads


Budget plays a crucial role in your decision. How much are you willing to spend? You can pay for a PPC campaign but if you opt for SEO, then you must have an ample amount of knowledge to implement a strategy that works. A pay for outsourced services of a leading SEO company is basically cheaper compared to a PPC campaign especially if the set of keywords is competitive.


Next question is, how fast do you want to see results? When done right, a PPC campaign can deliver instant top spots in search engine results. If you are a start-up business who wants to get started right away, then a PPC campaign can also be ideal. However, this goes back to the main issue on money.


Employing the services of an internet marketing SEO company can be a good option especially if you have no idea on SEO. The results of utilizing SEO may not be apparent, but it has a longer staying power compared to paid ads since it is anchored on organic results that have been tested by search engines through time.


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