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If you are skeptical on the benefits of marketing with SEO in today’s age, think again. SEO counts as one of the most important strategies you need to implement especially if you want your brand known on the internet. Since not having enough exposure and traffic on your site can kill your online business, knowing how to play the game of getting ahead of your competitors can serve you a lot of benefits when it comes to improving your sales.


SEO Strategies That Work


There are certain strategies that have always been effective when it comes to improving your site’s ranking in search engine results. So, why don’t you open your site and see to it if the following ideas listed below have been properly applied:


  • Keywords. Using focused and long tail keywords is the key to kick-starting your SEO strategy. Whether you are using a free tool such as Google Keywords Planner or a paid software for this purpose, it is important to go for the 3 or more keyword phrases with high monthly searches but low competition.


  • Plugins. Using plugins for the purpose of letting search engine crawlers visit your site is highly important. Make sure you have a sitemap and a plugin installed that can help you optimize your keyword phrases and metadata. SEO by Yoast is one of the most popular options for WordPress CMS.


  • Images. Bots can read images on a language that they can understand. Use alt-tags when labeling images found on your site for search engine crawlers to index.


  • Networks. The number of links pointing back to your site can help you improve your spot in search engine results especially if these came from high authority sources. You can go for guest blog and forum posting, directory submissions and even a private blog network of your own. However, always use these strategies with caution as to prevent building spam links that might get you penalized as a result (especially with private blog networks).


  • Social Media. Social media does not have a direct effect on your SEO strategy. However, the more popular your social media accounts get, the higher chances are there for your potential audiences to see you and eventually look up to your site as an authority in a certain niche. When implementing service online marketing promotions, make sure that you respond to your audience’s concerns the soonest possible time. This also applies to products you are promoting online.


  • Tracking and Analytics. Tracking your progress is as important to measure how you have fared with all your efforts. You can go for Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to start with.


If you don’t know how to optimize your site for SEO, you can outsourcethe task to a3rd party company that will do all the task for you. SEO Philippines, Singapore and India companies offer the cheapest yet effective services online with the advantage of taking English instructions to a competitive level.


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