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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
The internet is a vast place, with an astonishingly large number of results possible from one set of key words; it makes perfect sense to make sure your company is at the top of the list, using tools such as consulting internet marketing SEO services through companies such as SEO Global Inc., the only SEO Philippines company offering such extensive daily SEO services.


The Trend
When we think about the internet, and how it has affected how we do business, it has no doubt been revolutionary. Whilst it’s not necessarily true that a business has to be online in some form or other to succeed, it’s fair to say that being online will increase the likelihood of success. And that is becoming more and more true every day, with the millennials and the Generation Z amongst us using the internet far more than their predecessors such as the baby boomers. With this change in behaviour established, it is difficult to imagine things reverting in the foreseeable future. The clear message is, the internet has always been important, it is more important today than ever, and it will become even more important in the future. In view of this, a company needs to be online and once there, make sure it is visible; that is where search engine optimisation, or seo, becomes a boon to businesses.


Some Search Facts
It’s perhaps worthwhile, and even interesting, to consider some facts about the internet and its biggest search engine, Google.  Google was launched in 1998, and there were about 500,000 searches per day back then.  Now there are 2.3 million and counting.  And that’s per minute, not per day! If you want to calculate that as a monthly figure, it’s 100 billion!  For every one of those 100,000,000,000 searches, Google will take 200 factors into account and then get back to you – in 1/8th of a second – in other words, pretty quickly!  Whilst Google is good, it’s not perfect.  It went down for 5 minutes in 2013 and global internet traffic dropped by 40%!  The capacity of Google’s search index is 100 million gigabytes of data, about the same as 100 thousand one terabyte personal drives. These days, more than half of Google searches take place on mobile devices. When you take into account these numbers, it makes using seo more and more logical.


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