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There are so many ways to make use of SEO marketing so your website can reach the best ranks and bring amazing benefits to your business. But Google is giving marketers a challenge and keep on changing the algorithms for SEO, which means one method of optimization will not always work. This is why SEO experts are needed by companies so they can keep track of such changes and develop ways to stay in the ranking game.

But why does your web page need to reach the top ranks or land on the first page of search engine result pages? It all boils down to increasing visibility, awareness and relevant traffic to your website, which will increase your conversion rate and bring great benefits to your business, especially in terms of sales.

Now, one Google update that you need to be aware of and use in your SEO strategy is the mobile first indexing.

What is it all about and how can you make use of it in order to rank higher in Google SEO?

Mobile First Indexing

It is no secret how mobile devices are conquering the world. And if you need your business to be seen by the most number of consumers, your website needs to be fully functional in their gadgets. Thus, you need to optimize it for mobile use, which you have probably heard about.

But is it the same as mobile first indexing?

Google has placed the mobile version of your website as the most important one, more than the desktop version. And mobile first indexing is what determines your rankings.

This may be a bit far-fetched for amateurs to understand, so let us learn about it in simpler terms.

  • Google said that it will now base all rankings, whether desktop or mobile, on the data it has gathered from the mobile crawl. And this is what mobile first indexing is all about.
  • Google will not use two indexes but will only have one, the mobile index, for ranking.
  • If you have content that is on your desktop site but not on the mobile version, it will not be acknowledged by Google. Thus, you will not rank for it.

From this information, we can say that mobile first indexing is how Google gives importance to the information and content on your mobile site and will index these for ranking. And this is why you should prioritize and develop the mobile version of your website more than the desktop one.

And there are SEO companies, like SEO Global Inc., with their cheap SEO services, who can help you optimize your website, whether on mobile or desktop, in order for Google to rank it.

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