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If you’re looking for a local SEO company, then you have to know who to pick and understand the SEO techniques that they do. One of the most powerful techniques that these companies employ is the private blog network or PBN for short. Let’s look at why this is so and how it can help your company.

Search Engines and Optimization

Before we talk about PBNs, let’s look at first SEO and backlinking. Before you thought of your business, you were an ordinary citizen who most likely logged on the internet and searched for stuff. We now have what we call “search engines”. Websites where you can input a keyword or set of keywords of anything that you’re looking for. Say you want to search for a specific product like “mason jars”, you’d likely get a ton of websites in the search engine results page or SERP. You’re most likely going to click one of the top 5 websites. The 1st-page results are coveted by a lot of companies, the top 5 and featured result even more.  But a then ordinary citizen, you didn’t think much about it because you’re only there for the mason jar.

Fast-forward to a few months later, you decided to start producing your own mason jars and want them to search online.  You have the company set up, a webpage with the products for sale. Now you want to be discovered when someone uses a search engine. You type “mason jars” again and you’re disappointed, your company doesn’t even show up on the first 10 pages of the SERPs.  You need organic SEO to help your website and your product to be discovered.

Backlinking and Page Ranks

Search engines send out bots to “crawl” hundreds of thousands of websites per hour. These bots follow an algorithm that will categorize a page according to keywords that exist on it. This is called indexing which is kind of similar to the appendix in a school book. How the bots index your page is also influenced by the backlinks. A backlink is a link from other websites that point to yours. In this way, you are seen as an authority of a particular topic or product, in this case, mason jars. The more sites talking about your product and linking to your websites, the higher your page rank and the higher the page rank, your website will be placed higher on a SERP.

So how does one get backlinks or Page ranks?

Link building takes some time but can be rewarding once it’s done right.

Approach other website owners to post about your product and link to your page. This is the most common method of SEO. You encourage others to link to your page about mason jars and you increase your page ranks. Some might be very generous and will do it for free because they like your product, others will charge a horrendous fee. The problem is you’re not sure if they’re going to post something that will be attractive to search engine bots. In this case, the link building fails, and you get nothing.

The other method is to create a lot of websites yourself that act like it’s owned by unique individuals and then make posts and links about your website. Sounds very tough to do, yes, it’s actually that hard and would probably make you look creepy as you’re basically sock puppeting your website. You could also be penalized by search engines which effectively lowers your site page ranking.

Private Blog Networks and SEO Companies

A PBN is a tool used by SEO companies to help promote your page. Most of the type, PBNs are expired domains that have a lot of good backlinks and are considered very attractive to search engine bots. A good SEO company has PBNs in their arsenal to help promote your products. It’s a shortcut method to help you get quality backlinks.

What an SEO company does is buy up PBNs and slowly build them up again. Once a customer like you needs to promote your product, the company creates posts that will help improve your page ranking. You could do the same thing an SEO company does but the costs of buying and maintaining these PBNs would likely eat at your profit instead.

Trust a Search Engine Optimization Company

Don’t create headaches for yourself. You can outsource SEO and focus more on improving your product. Because the other way to be an authority of your product and be recognized by search engines is to have a great product. Leave the backlinking or link building to a company such as SEO Global Inc. or other companies to help improve your page. A good company will have enough PBNs and will link naturally to your site so you won’t be penalized.