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Putting emphasis on ranking your site is equally important as selling your merchandise online. Online marketing optimization is definitely a crucial point you need to place great importance on with all the tight competition on the Internet and a thousand more brands (the same as yours) vying for a top spot in search engine results.


There are different reasons why you need to focus on online marketing optimization especially in relation to search engines.

  • You get more clicks from potential visitors especially when your site pops in the first page of search engine results.


  • You can create brand awareness especially if your site has good ranking in search engines.


  • Once your site is highly optimized, it is easy for visitors to navigate through it, click some relevant links and even purchase items that are of value.


Considering these advantages, there are some applicable ways you can optimize your site. These include the following:


  1. Well-researched keywords. This is not just picking any keyword to use in your posts. These should be well-researched with the use of tools such as Google Adwords or any 3rd party software which measures the popularity of a group of words in relation to their monthly searches and competition.


Tip: Look for low competition, high monthly search keywords.


  1. Article posts. Are your articlescustomized? Posts written for SEO purposes should have a good set of long-tail keywords strategically placed inside the article.


Tip:Include your keywords on your post title, 1st paragraph, article body and last paragraph.


  1. Customized images. Search engine web crawlers cannot read and interpret images on a webpage. There is a need to customize them according to the language of these crawlers.


Tip: Use alt-tags in your images for customization.


  1. Plugins. Use plugins that focus on search engine optimization marketing. They have built-in algorithms which make search engine crawlers locate your site more.


Tip: SEO by Yoast is a popular tool you can use for this purpose. Also, you can use an XML sitemap for customization.


  1. Link building. Another additional tip you can utilize is to build links from different sources. You can use a private blog network (but don’t spam!), join forums and submit to directories to build more links going back to your main website.


Tip: Observe proper mechanics when joining forums. You might be banned if your purpose is just to build links and not give out useful information to members.


Listed above are just some of the easy and affordable search engine optimization ways you can implement on your site this year. What’s your favorite strategy so far?


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