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There are some simple ways for you to optimise search engine results and increase the ranking of your blog simply by paying attention to some tips mentioned in this post. If you don’t have highly advanced skills in SEO or search engine optimization, then you can still manage to setup your site in a way that can be easily tracked by search engine crawlers.


What Is SEO?


For those who still don’t know what SEO is, it involves a series of process which are geared towards increasing a site’s ranking in search engine results. If you are a business wanting to reach your audiences on the Internet, you first have to make yourself visible to them. Apart from social media, search engines are among the most popular hubs where audiences go to in case they need information about something.


If your site has been properly optimized for search engine results, chances are high for your site to rank better. When this happens, your site can eventually land a top spot in search engine results. Being on the top pages increases your chances of being clicked by your audiences, thus improving your overall site traffic and sales.


Simple Optimization Ways That Can Help Rank Your Site


Whether you will be doing the optimization on your own or with the help of some third party top web marketing companies that are experts in the field of SEO, the most important thing to do is to work on your site since it is one platform you have major control of.


Here are some tips:


  • Research your keywords smartly. You can either use a paid tool or a free one like Google Keywords Planner. As much as possible, use long tail keywords (3 or more phrases) that have high monthly searches but low competition.


  • Use these keywords in your site. With the keywords you have researched, use it when writing your articles and pages. Make sure that these keywords fit your posts perfectly. Also, don’t forget to use Alt-tags in your images.


  • Install a plugin for SEO. Plugins like SEO Yoastarejust some of the popular options. Once installed, you will be guided by the plugin with some information you have to fill in for the purpose of optimizing your site.


Link your posts within your site. Linking your content can help audiences click relevant posts especially when browsing through your articles.


SEO Philippines and other Southeast Asian companies offer cheaper fees for optimizing your site should you choose to go to the next level in your SEO efforts. You can also browse through self-help posts on the Internet but expertise in this field is a major plus.


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