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Your website still doesn’t show up on search results which could mean you may need the services of an SEO expert. SEO or search engine optimization are techniques that help you climb up the ranks off search engine result pages (SERP) of sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. Think of them as PR consultants and your website as a budding star about to storm Hollywood. You might have an interesting brand or product but how will the world know you exist?

Hiring an SEO company is no easy task. You can’t just waste your money on amateurs. You have the right to certain information so you can judge if the company is worth the money.

Questions to Ask SEO Consultancies

Inquire about current and past Clients

Good SEO agencies should have a portfolio ready to show you their current and past clients. They should have a list along with contact details so that you can verify and check for references. While the clients may not be able to give you exact details for security purposes, you can check search engines of the websites the past clients. If they show up on the first SERP then you have a competitive SEO agency.

What SEO Techniques Does the Company Use?

An SEO company should have clear strategies that they will be using to improve your company website. The marketing plan should be transparent so you can make sure it doesn’t run against your company policies. An SEO consultant that doesn’t divulge their basic marketing plan may be using blackhat or illegal SEO techniques that may get your website banned from search engines. Steer clear away from consultants who can even tell you their methods. On the other hand, go for consultants that have “off page” SEO strategies like the company SEO Global Inc. The company uses techniques that advertise your website to other platforms such as blogs, press releases, social media, email marketing and more. It can give your website a big boost in page rankings.

Does the Company Know Current SEO Guidelines?

Search engines often have certain guidelines that needs to be followed. In the case of the biggest search engine Google, the best SEO techniques are original content with proper backlinks and keyword placing. This is related to the second question. The consultants should know the individual rules and guidelines of all the top search engines on the internet. Breaching the guidelines could result in your website ranking very low on SERPs or worse, get banned from all the search engines.

You can actually do your own SEO, but chances are, you might end up violating certain guidelines. Trust your SEO agency, they’ll know what to do to.