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Any list of internet marketing company services is likely to include at the very top search engine optimisation, or SEO.  This is the process by which a series of tactics are applied to help a website climb higher up a search engine’s ranking.  As well as SEO, another very popular tool adopted by internet marketing companies is social media optimisation, or SMO.  Both of those tools, in addition to a number of others, are provided by 
SEO Philippines company SEO Global Inc.

Affiliate and Display Advertising


Whilst SEO remains one of best internet marketing business activities, there are a variety of other kinds of internet marketing tools available.  One such option is affiliate marketing.  This is the system whereby a business will pay an online retailer, a blog, or an e-commerce site for every visitor or sale made from that particular site.  A similar method is to utilise display advertising – paying a website owner to display a business’s advert.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is another tool being applied more and more these days. Inbound marketing is where a business will share free content with users in the hope that these users will visit the website and become a customer of the business.  It is often done through blogs.  Inbound marketing could be considered the opposite of outbound marketing, with outbound marketing being the more traditional process by which businesses send the message out to potential customers.

Search engine marketing – SEM – is the name for the process by which a business will pay to advertise directly on the search engine itself.  This can include placement, contextual advertising, paid inclusion or SEO. The main difference between SEM and SEO is that SEO involves natural and unpaid selection of websites, whereas SEM involves paid selection.


Social media marketing, SMM, is another increasingly popular tool being adopted by businesses looking to take advantage of the popularity of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest amongst many others. The business’s website is promoted on those platforms directly.

The development of internet marketing is only likely to gather pace.  With an increasingly greater proportion of the world’s population online – 49.6% as at the end of March 2017, a growth of 934% since 2000 – the potential to reach a huge market at a relatively low cost is immense.

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