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For many business owners,
online strategies for their products or services can be quite hard to
understand, and this includes search
engine marketing
. So much more when Google suddenly updates its
algorithms and messes with your newly developed SEO strategy. This is why you
need experts in the field to help your business stay in the game and ahead of
other companies, even when search engines make changes in their systems, one
after the other.

However, when you
understand what search engine optimization is all about, you will see how
effective it really is for your business and why you need to invest it this
kind of strategy. It’s a good thing you don’t have to invest too much on it
since many professional companies like SEO Global Inc. offer affordable
SEO services
that are proven to work.

And to understand SEO, let
us learn about Google’s update from a while back, the RankBrain algorithm.

Optimizing for RankBrain

RankBrain is one of
Google’s latest updates. In fact, it is known as one of their top 3 ranking
signals. And it is becoming more and more important. But just what is it

RankBrain is a machine
learning algorithm, which sorts search results for Google. It also helps
understand and process people’s search queries.

If changes in the
algorithm were made entirely by the engineers at Google before, now, RankBrain
helps implement changes, and it does so on its own. But how does it work?

To put it simply,
RankBrain identifies if your page satisfies a user or makes him happy. When it
does, your website can rank higher. And this is quite significant for your

So, how do you optimize
for RankBrain?

  • You need to improve your
    organic click-through-rate.
  • Improve your bounce rate
    and dwell time, how long searchers leave or stay on your website.

The better you do on these
criteria, the more RankBrain can say your website makes users happy, and it
will rank you up.

Now that you have an idea
what RankBrain is and how effective it is for your online strategy, you need to
have experts continuously optimizing for it.

But it’s not just about
RankBrain. You still need keywords, backlinks and other traditional SEO strategies
to get that number 1 rank many are reaching out for. They are as important as
other means to optimize your website.

So, don’t stick to one
strategy. With the right SEO
, you can get a team of SEO experts who will help you optimize
for RankBrain, as well as use other proven methods to get to that top rank.

And SEO Global Inc. will definitely help
you out. Just check out their total business solutions and you will see how.
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