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The Best of 2016
There were a number of social media marketing campaigns in 2016 which could be considered a success, including the following –

Comedy Central
Comedy Central took advantage of its host Jon Stewart’s upcoming departure to promote itself through its “The Thrill of The Chase” campaign.  The TV channel did not disclose how many ads they were releasing, simply encouraging the online audience to spot them.

NASA, the space agency, developed a theme with one of their space missions ans astronaut, Scott Kelly.  Kelly had an identical twin brother and NASA were able to turn this coincidence into a great social experiment by showing the effects of spending time in space by comparing the Kelly twins after Scott returned to earth.

Chicago Bulls had not won a World Series for over a century, so when they had the chance to do this Budweiser, the brewery company, didn’t miss the marketing opportunity.  An atmospheric ad was created to capture the moment, and was a great success.  

Emirates, the UAE airline, wanted to further develop its business in North America.  They realised that simply telling the audience how great their service was wouldn’t be enough.So, they introduced a series of videos showing how great their service was.  This struck a chord with flyers and is was considered a great success in helping the airline increase its business in North America.

Mercedes-Benz, the car company, were able to engage with audiences and help boost their sales through their 2016 campaign using You Tube’s 360 degree video technology.  The resultant video clips certainly helped enhance the company’s image online.

The above are but a few of the countless great social media campaigns that took place in 2016.  

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