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SEO Philippines is a growing industry, with SEO Global Inc. being just one of the professional search engine optimization company‘s in the industry.  SEO – search engine optimisation – is a tool by which a company can enhance it’s visibility on a search engine by improving its rankings.  

If a company wants to understand better why SEO is such an important tool in today’s business world, there are some statistics which are compelling. There are an astonishing 90 billion searches per month on the world’s biggest search engine, Google. If your website wants to be visible, you need to recognise that of the approximately 2 billion searchers every month, most will simply look at the top ranked searches.  Google’s own stats show that more than 90% of searchers do not go beyond the 1st page, and only 5% bother with the 2nd, still less at 1% who will look at the 3rd.  Also, it has been shown that about 95% of all purchase decisions begin with an internet search. Those numbers emphasis how important it is to get a website as high as possible on the rankings, with 1st page the target.

Being No. 1
Once you have achieved 1st page, it’s not really enough to get you maximum exposure.  Being No1 will get you 35% of traffic, compared to only 20% at No2 and 11% at No3.  So, the target should always be No1.

A second consideration is what keywords matter.  Being No1 for a particular keyword might not mean that much if the keyword is relatively obscure.  Conversely, being No10 for a popular keyword might get you a lot more clicks. The secret is to identify which keywords are the most important and work with those.

What Google Wants
When Google compiles its rankings, it is basically looking at site content, site speed, user experience and reliability and authority.  It is not looking for keyword stuffing, purchased links and poor user experience.  So, in terms of SEO, it’s important to look for SEO companies that can give you, and more importantly Google, what it’s looking for.  Beware of black hat SEO companies offering quick fixes, you might find your website being de-ranked or even removed from the search engine completely. Always look for a white hat SEO company, such as SEO Global Inc., to help you improve your companies ranking.

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