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Search engine internet marketing is one of the most effective ways for your business to grow
especially since the world economy is growing increasingly competitive. It’s
just not enough to have a brand, you also have to get out there and advertise.
Customers now want the comforts of the internet and they tend to gravitate
towards businesses with online presence. If you want your business to compete,
then you have to tap into the internet and make your own website and improve
your social media presence. However, with millions of businesses on the
internet out there, how can you compete? The trick is to make your brand easily
discoverable by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Before we continue, we have to
define search engine optimization (SEO) first. It’s a set of techniques used by
web administrators to help improve the search engine results page ranking of a
specific website.

A customer often uses search
engines to look for a particular product or services. For example, a customer
looks for “delicious milk tea”. You also happen to sell milk teas, but so do
hundreds if not thousands more locally. That’s not counting the millions more
all over the world. As the customer uses a search engine like Google, various
things happen in the background.

First, the search website will
use the location of the customer to narrow the results to a specific area.
Second, the keywords will then be used to scan for websites that also contain
the same keywords. Finally, a search engine results page will be generated
which shows a list of websites. The aim in using SEO techniques is to have your
website with the product you’re selling appear at least in the first page of
the SERPs.

Search Engine Marketing – What
is it?

Competing with businesses online
using SEO can be difficult for some people. That’s because others will also be
competing on the free spots in SERPs using SEO. Thankfully, search engines like
Google and Bing have a way for businesses to gain an advantage. Search Engine
Marketing (SEM) allows you to pay for an advertisement spot that will appear on
the SERPs.

What happens is that advertisers
like yourself, will bid on keywords that one might ordinarily use to search for
your products. In the case of the example “delicious milk tea”, once you use
SEM your business will appear more often in the SERPs in a paid spot which are
often located at the top of the first page. This ad is often a pay-per-click ad
where advertisers have the opportunity to be seen by customers who are ready to
purchase the products they’re looking. In effect, businesses will be given an
opportunity to connect to the right customers.

SEO vs SEM – How Different are

These two might sound similar as
they more or less give out the same results which is getting the right
customers. However, these two are different methods in getting targeted

SEO focuses on search engine optimization results
by using techniques to obtain a free spot in the first or second page of search
engine results. While it’s technically free if you do it yourself, you’re also
competing with other businesses who also use the same method.

SEM on the other hand is similar to paid advertising like one would do
with a TV spot, radio ad or newspaper ad. You’ll have less competition in the
SERPs however, it might cost a pretty penny especially for new businesses.

Which One is Better for You –

It really depends on the goals
of your business. SEO is rewarding in the long run. Having a website
advertising your business with strong SEO techniques often leads to your
website becoming a position of authority. This means that when someone searches
for a set of keywords your website will be at the top of the SERPs more often
than competitors. However, it’s very hard to achieve this type of website.

SEM on the other hand offers a
quick boost to search engine advertisements. Still, they can cost a lot of
money. Especially when you run the ad for a longer period of time. However,
many businesses usually calculate the costs and the possibility of making a
sale to see if SEM will be beneficial.

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