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Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a tool that can help a website climb the search engine rankings, with SEO Philippines companies like SEO Global Inc. offering a full SEO service to its clients.  

What is SEO?

The basic concept of SEO is to increase the numbers of visitors to a particular website, thereby helping the said website climb the search engine rankings – which increases the probability that the website will be visible to more users. Most SEO is done by third party specialist providers like SEO Global Inc. mentioned above.

Basic Services

The basic range of services offered by SEO companies include keyword and keyphrase optimisation and research to ensure the correct keywords and keyphrases appear in any content provided for the website.  Technical SEO website audits will also be conducted to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the website, specific page optimisation and possibly the most effective SEO tool (as well as being the most expensive and time consuming to do) – link development.

White Hat v Black Hat SEO

It is also appropriate to mention the two types of SEO in the industry today, White Hat and Black Hat.  White Hat SEO applies industry recognised and accepted strategies and tactics to optimise a particular website and help it achieve a higher rank.  Black Hat SEO, on the other hand, attempts to achieve the same result but in a very different way using frowned upon and often banned tactics and strategies, including spamming. It should be noted that whilst Black Hat SEO can help achieve short-term results, it can also result in the de-listing or banning of a website from the search engine completely.  SEO Global Inc. only adopts White Hat SEO strategies to help its clients achieve higher search engine rankings.

Other Services

As well as SEO services, SEO companies like SEO Global Inc. can also provide SMO – social media optimisation to maximise the effectiveness of a business on social media platforms.  They can also help companies renovate or refurbish their websites, or even design a new one from zero. Online reputation management is another area in which SEO companies can help, ensuring that people are positively portrayed on the web. Finally, and directly linked to SEO services, most good SEO companies will also offer content writing services to complement the other activities and help achieve the highest search engine ranking possible.

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