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The business of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is serious, and it therefore makes perfect sense to identify a professional search marketing company to help with any SEO activity. SEO Global Inc. is one such company, offering its clients not only superior SEO services but a range of other complementary services.

What Is SEO?
To better understand what SEO is, it can be simply defined as a combination of strategies, tactics and techniques that are used to increase the number of visitors to a site, thereby increasing a site’s ranking on a particular search engine. As with most industries, there are good and bad ways to do things, and in SEO parlance they are known as White Hat and Black Hat SEO. White Hat is the name given to strategies approved by search engines, and Black Hat for those disapproved of.  
SEO Global Inc. is a White Hat SEO company, using fully approved and professional tools to achieve higher rankings for its clients.

3 Steps
To understand better how to achieve a higher search engine ranking, it’s important to understand how the search engine itself works. There are 3 basic stages; crawling, indexing and then ranking and retrieval.

Crawling is the process by which the search engine takes all the information from a website, very quickly, and constantly to ensure every piece of data is recorded.

The data gathered from crawling is then pulled together and stored in a database. This database is, as you can imagine, vast, containing all the data previously crawled in one place as an index.

The final stage is the visible one, the one we all see when we actually initiate a search.  We initiate a search by entering keywords in the search box, the search engine then takes these keywords and tries to find the best match for them from the database in the previous step.  The closely guarded algorithm then produces a list of results, ranked against the said algorithm. 

How SEO Works
The secret of an effective SEO is to be able to understand the algorithm’s methodology and ensure a specific website matches it.  As was said above, there are approved of and disapproved of means of doing this. The lure of the quick payback from Black Hat SEO has to be measured against the penalties for being caught using such methods, including being banned from a search engine.

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