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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) 
business offers companies the opportunity to be more visible than their competitors on the web by improving their search engine ranking.  This service is offered by a number of companies globally, with SEO Global Inc. being one. SEO Global Inc. are able to provide the full range of SEO services to help clients’ websites rank higher, as well as a range of other complementary services such as SMO (Social Media Optimisation), online reputation management, website design and maintenance as well as content writing for websites.

It’s worth thinking a little about what makes a successful website, and how SEO can help in bringing about that success.

Too Technical
Some experts make the mistake of getting too technical about how a website works, or at least what makes a good website successful.  They are perhaps too hung up on the ‘techy stuff’, and forgetting about why the website exists in the first place.  A website’s primary function surely is to communicate something to someone.  The what and the who are variables, but ultimately you can probably see that all websites can be accommodated in that description. Possibly the experts who get it wrong may be focusing too much on the how, and forgetting the what and the who.  A good SEO company will help their clients design and develop effective website content to ensure the site delivers on its main objective. Yes, they will also help optimise the site and make sure it runs as fast as possible as technical services, but those alone will not deliver a successful site – as we (and Google) always say, Content is King!

People Want to be Communicated With
Another way that experts sometimes make a mistake in website design is that they think of them too much as a sales tool, and not enough as an information tool.  The internet is the go-to tool of choice for most people who want to find something out – 3.5 billion searches per day in 2016 – yet many websites prefer to position themselves as selling tools only.  Yes, a website has to have a commercial element (if that’s what the site owner is interested in doing) but not at the expense of the main reason people visit a site.  The site has to deliver the information the user is looking for first and foremost, thereafter the sales pitch can begin.  Users don’t want to be sold to, they want to be communicated with.  

The above is just a very brief introduction of where some website designers can go wrong in missing the point of a website.  With an effective SEO provider, companies can produce effective websites that are ranked highly in search engines.

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