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Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – is a widely used tool for businesses to increase their online visibility through 
seo search marketing,with many companies claiming to have the best seo site.  One company offering a comprehensive SEO service, as well as other related services, is SEO Global Inc. It works with clients to enhance their site ranking on search engines as well as social media.


White Hat and Black Hat SEO
Any SEO company will be aware of the terms white hat and black hat, and so should prospective clients when choosing which SEO provider to hire. The important difference between the two is the strategies and tactics they use to improve search engine rankings.  White hat companies use legitimate and approved methods whilst black hat companies, as the name suggests, employ less acceptable and disapproved methods.  Using a black hat company for SEO could result in a lowered ranking and even the banning of a site from the search engine. SEO Global Inc. are a white hat SEO company, employing approved and legitimate means to improve their clients’ search engine rankings.


White Hat SEO
White hat SEO focuses on the human audience rather than the search engine itself.  The tactics involved include key word placement and analysis, research, media tag rewriting for improved relevance, backlinking and link building as well as content writing for sites. The time needed to develop white hat SEO is great, but it is along-term investment that should pay dividends in the future with improved search engine ranking.


Black Hat SEO
Black hat SEO, on the other hand, focuses on the search engine technicalities rather then the human element. Using often banned tactics that break search engine rules, black hat SEO aims for a quick return on investment rather than a long-term and sustainable return.  The sort of tactics and techniques involved include key word stuffing, link farming, hidden links and text and spamming blog content.


The Choice
If a company has a short-term perspective, and doesn’t mind taking the risk of being banned from a search engine or being de-indexed they might consider a black hat SEO strategy worth considering.  Most companies don’t consider this worth the risk and choose white hat SEO companies such as 
SEO Global Inc.


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