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The internet has truly been established as one of the most important pieces of technology used in business today, with internet marketing providers utilising SEO site optimization to ensure maximum exposure for their clients using the technology.

History of Search Engines

SEO Philippines company SEO Global Inc.are one such internet marketing company providing SEO services to businesses.  SEO, a process by which a company can enhance its rankings on an internet search engine, has been around almost as long as the internet itself has been – the internet itself was actually introduced to the world in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee, although a few years earlier in 1983 ARPANET began to develop the system that was to become the internet. Whilst the exact date of when SEO began is unclear, it is believed to have been in place as early as 1991, within a year of the birth of the internet itself.

1945 – the Concept

The first mention of the concept of a search engine was made as long ago as 1945.  The Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development – now defunct – Dr V. Bush, published an article describing a collection of data and observations, the extraction of information from existing records, and the insertion of new material into existing records. This is close to what Google, the world’s biggest search engine, does today.

1990- the First Search Engine

In 1990, a student at McGill University in the USA developed Archie, widely considered as being the first ever search engine. 

1993 – Further Developments

From that point onwards, the development of internet search engines gathered pace, with 1993 seeing the development of Architext by Stanford University students – this was to become the search engine Excite. In the same year, we saw Wandex and ALIWEB.  

1994-2009 Yahoo, Google and Bing

Just a year later, Yahoo was born, along with other search engines Alta Vista, Infoseek and Lycos.  A couple of years later, in 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin began their Backrub search engine – the forerunner of Google. The next year, the domain name Google.com was registered. Then followed a period of time in which most of the existing search engines ceased to exits, with Google, Yahoo and Bing becoming the giants in the business.  Bing was actually introduced quite some time after both Yahoo and Google, in 2009, and the brainchild of Microsoft.

The advent of search engines in the early 1990s saw a corresponding increase in the number of SEO companies as mentioned above.  

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