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SEO Friendly Web Design

We analyze your existing website and see where it needs improvement.  Is it loading too slow?  Does it need on-site optimization?  Are the bounce rates too much that your site needs a total overhaul?


If we see any issues, we can renovate your website to make it more SEO friendly and crawlable.


If you are planning to create a website, that is even better.  We take your ideas and transform it into reality. Tell us what you want for a website, the market you want to serve, and how you want your website to look.  If you want a website up for a product or service, tell us what your specifications are.


We will develop the site according to your requirements.  You will be given total control, down to the last detail.


Our web design service comes with on-site optimization and a host of other services.


Website Creation and On-Page SEO Checklist:


1.  Web hosting and domain name registration

2.  Theme selection and installation

3.  Website development and design

4.  Site map creation

5.  Analytics installation

6.  Keyword research

7.  Content creation for web pages

8.  Keyword-based pagination

9.  Optimizing for mobile viewing

10. HAM tags (H, Alt and Meta tags)

11. Blog integration

12. RSS Feed Integration

13. Social media integration


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We devise a strategic marketing program to fit the needs of every business.  Content is the currency of Google, so having just one website is not enough.  We will create another blog site where we can post fresh content on a daily basis.  These articles will contain first tier links leading back to your main website.


We will promote both your main website and your blog site thereby doubling your ROI through advertisements, leads and sales.


Our SEO campaign would not just run once a month.  We will undertake these exhaustive tasks daily as part of our intensive campaign:


1.  20 Keywords

2.  Informational content creation for blog site

3.  Posting content in blog site

4.  SEO article writing and multi-level spinning (120-150 unique 400-word articles)

5.  Article submissions to Web 2.0s with high page rank

6.  Video creation to advertise products and services

7.  Video submission to Youtube with keyword-based titles, description with backlinks, and tags

8.  Video submission to video sites with PR 2 and above

9.  Submitting Youtube video to social bookmarking sites

10. Weekly status reports

11. Monthly SEO and keyword ranking reports


Social Media Optimization (SMO)

We understand that Social Media Optimization (SMO) is just as important as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SMO allows a more accurate market targeting.


We will create official accounts for your company in the top 10 social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Linked In, VK, etc.).  We will add profile photos, bios, covers, and company descriptions that will provide your followers information of what your company is about and what it has to offer.


Name recall is one of the most powerful marketing strategies.  Thus, daily campaigns are necessary to make your company remembered.


Our Social Media Optimization daily program includes:


1.  Creating post with an appropriate image(s) for submission to 5 social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram (posting made or scheduled at 9 a.m.)

2.  Relationship building for all social media accounts.

3.  Package also includes: Facebook cover image, Twitter background image, Twitter header image background, Facebook info and Twitter bio.

4. Social media ads management.


Online Reputation Management

Every person is inherently curious.  The same is true when they stumble upon a product for the first time. Before they buy, they first verify the authenticity of the product by going to other sources on the web.


What people write about you can either make or break your business.  When your potential customers start finding negative reviews about your product, their perception of your products will also be affected.  After reading negative comments, they will begin doubting their efficacy or genuineness.  And, the reputation of your company as a whole will also be marred.


To counter negative feedbacks, we can spread positive comments about your company and your products.  We do this through third party blog creation and promotion.  We will create a daily campaign program for your Third Party Positive Review Blog" so that it ranks high enough to be instantly seen by your potential customers.


Our online reputation management program includes:


1.  Creating 2 product/website review or "Top 10" blogs

2.  Submitting these blog sites to social bookmarking sites

3.  Creating 5 promotional videos describing your products and enumerating their benefits

4.  Uploading these 5 videos on Youtube using keyword-based titles, including backlinks and tags

5.  Submitting URLs of the Youtube videos to social bookmarking sites

6.  Submitting video to video sites with PR above 2


Content Writing

We also offer individualized services for your company's special needs.


1.  SEO Articles of 450 to 700 words

2.  Content Articles

3.  Press Release 

4.  Product Reviews



Our services are offered in packages tailored for your company's unique needs.  See our packages and pricing page to know more.


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