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When it comes to making your website rank high in search engines, one of the things to focus on is getting valuable and good quality back links to your site. While there are several ways you can achieve this, one strategy that should not go missing in your list is social bookmarking. As a matter of fact, even a highly professional digital marketing company makes sure that they use this method to boost the performance of a website.


What is Social Bookmarking?


What social bookmarking sites do is actually allow you to add and store your website link as well as other deep links to the inner pages of your website. You do not need to pay for them, too. All you need to do is spend a bit of time and effort into doing it.

To get the best results for your website, it is important that you do social bookmarking only after you have properly optimized your website. Also, there are a couple of other good and effective link building and off-page digital marketing strategies out there that you may use alongside social bookmarking.


What are the Benefits of Social Bookmarking?


One-way Links – one way links are the ones that you get for your website, which you do not have to link back to. Social bookmarking sites help you get one way links and also give you control over the keyword meta data and anchor text.


Frequent spider crawling – another good reason why even the best digital marketing company bookmark links on high PR sites is because such sites are very often crawled by spiders/robots. High PR sites and social bookmarking sites have high domain authority, which makes them really attractive to web spiders and robots. As a result, there is an increased chance for your websites to be discovered by search engines through your links.


Higher page rank – working with an affordable digital marketing company is an important step towards building success in the internet marketing industry. And one of the things you will be expecting to see as an immediate result is the increase in your page rank in Google particularly. The good thing is that digital marketing companies put in a lot of work to get back links from high PR social bookmarking sites. Again, it’s because the more back links your website gets, the more likely it is for your site to get better search engine rankings.


Is Social Bookmarking that simple?


One thing that you may not love so much about this back linking strategy is the difficulty of doing it. Social bookmarking is a very tedious task that requires you to spend a lot of your time. The work involves having your site’s URL submitted to the hundreds of bookmarking sites out there. This also means you have to create all of those accounts only to get ONE back link to your site.

If you don’t think you can afford to spend that much time and effort into doing it, working with a professional digital marketing companyis the best option you’ve got. This way, you can spare yourself from the trouble and stress of gaining multiple links back to your website.