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SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in making your site discoverable on the web. Having your site optimized for search engine crawlers to index offers countless benefits especially if you want your brand to be known by your target audience. It may take time before your search engine optimization results display improvement. But when they do, you will know if you are on the right track.


Effective Basic SEO Strategies


Here are some basic strategies used in most SEO search engine marketing strategies. They may range from simple to complex processes.


  • Keyword research. Also known as the foundation of search engine marketing, knowing what keyword phrases to use in your site’s content and pages can increase your chances of being clicked by your audiences. Choose long tail keywords with high monthly searches and low competition.


  • Link building. This may include microsites, forum posting and building web 2.0s with links pointing back to the site. Make sure that your backlinks are of good quality and always keep in mind to acquire good quality ones. Don’t spam!


  • Guest blogging. Sites which are already established have bigger audiences. Posting as a guest blogger can help increase your chances of being discovered.


  • Directory submissions. Launched PR articles and submissions on directories can help increase your number of audiences and likewise improve the flow of links going back to your site.


Results Showing Your Site is Improving  


  • Manual Search. Once you key in your brand or business name, your site shows up on the main result of search engine queries. This only means your site has been indexed.


  • Brand is showing in top results. The moment you key in your brand, your product or brand shows up in the top 1 or 2 pages of search engine results.


  • Your sales have increased. More and more people are discovering your site and are purchasing products from your web store.


  • Your authority profile has increased. Apps that check backlink pointing back to your site reveal an increasing number of links coming from fellow high authority sites who find your content useful and beneficial for their audiences.


  • Your site analytics don’t experience problems. Your site does not have errors and broken links. Your link-building strategy is effective.


  • You are getting invitations from guests. You receive emails from interested bloggers who want to guest post in your site.


SEO Philippines and other companies found in Asia offer cheaper services compared to Western countries simply because of currency exchange benefits. Make sure to choose a company that does not only offer dynamic SEO strategies, but also capable of delivering effective and real results in the long run.


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