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If you are new to the world of search engine marketing and SEO, you are probably still focusing on traditional methods for ranking, which include keyword identification and use, as well as content creation. While these methods do work effectively until today, there are other, easier ways that can help your website reach the top ranks on search engine result pages.

And this is with the help of technology. However, you need to invest financially on these tools in order to gain the most out of them. But your investment will surely be worth it.

Let us know what these tools are and find out how they can help your business in this digital age.

Tools that Drive Traffic to your Site

Search engine optimization is indeed monumental in digital marketing. There has never been another way of increasing the visibility of your business in the world wide web than through this strategy. And this is why marketers find and develop more methods to optimize their websites and land on search engine result pages.

And while there are methods that are constantly being used and are still effective with Google, some ways are newly developed just so they can stay within the ever changing algorithms.

And one of these is through the use of online tools. Specifically, here are some that have been proven to increase traffic.

  1. Quantcast – provides a demographic profile of your website or your closest competitor to know which audience you should be targeting.
  2. CrazyEgg – lets you know which of your visitors click on the most so you can use it to link to something more important.
  3. Buzzsumo – gives you ideas on what content works based on keywords you use.
  4. ClickTale – lets you see how visitors interact with your website, which gives you an idea about their decisions based ont heir movements.
  5. Ahrefs – lets you know about other websites search engine optimization strategies.

These tools drive not just traffic towards your site, but quality traffic. And that is what you need. What can you do with increased traffic that has nothing to do with conversion? You are just wasting your resources with them.

But if you invest in the above tools for your SEO, they will surely pay for themselves. And you will see how big of an impact they have on your website. SEO pricing won’t matter.

Now, all you have to do is learn more about them and find which affordable SEO services will work best for your business. Then have your marketers and SEO experts work on them.

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