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A digital marketing company in the Philippines has become a necessity for the success of businesses in the country. In a span of a decade, Philippines adapted to the intricacies of the internet like fish taking to water. It seems that interconnectivity fit right in the social landscape of Filipinos. Now, we’re seeing the various changes the internet has done especially to the economy of the Philippines.

Technology and the Philippine

In the early 2000s, people relied heavily on tri-media for advertisements. Commercials ran on either television, radio or print ads. If you wanted to run PR campaigns or reputation management strategies, you’d have to rely on what we now call cumbersome modes of advertisement. Communication is a key component in advertising. To relay information swiftly, one would need the telegram because it was cheaper or pay using long distance calls in stores that offered them.

Cellular phones already existed back then, but
these were devices that were only available to the rich. No one thought of
using the telegram, long-distance calls, and cellular phones to advertise
anything. The profits of advertising in using the above-mentioned technologies
could barely justify the expenses. That’s why it’s surprising how we’re now
using our smartphones to browse the internet. We’re now inundated with Facebook
, pop-ups, and discreet ads placed on websites or apps. The internet is
truly a powerful force that helped boost the Philippines.

The Power of Social Media

Filipinos are sociable. As cellphones and usage
costs became cheaper, text messages almost rivaled tri-media advertisements.
You could get information out faster by SMS blasting your ad. In fact, text
messaging was instrumental in gathering Filipinos for EDSA 2, the people power
rally that help oust a president. Organizers were able to send out information
so quickly that the government at that time barely had time to react.

Now, power has shifted to web developers in the Philippines. A good web development company with SEO experts now command the marketing landscape of the country. Ads can now be pumped out at a cost that is significantly lower than tri-media. Consider the following costs between a regular TV ad spot of 30 seconds and a social media advertising campaign.

TV Ad Costs

One TV ad that’s only 30 seconds long and shown
only once can cost up to 800 thousand pesos. Primetime slots can cost even up
to 1 million pesos for that one slot. A typical cost of
TV ads in the Philippines
for one week can rack up to 10 million pesos or

Target audience: It is estimated that there are
20 to 30 million Filipinos who owns a television.

Social Media and SEO Campaigns

SEO companies offer cyber ads that can last for a long time on the internet. A company can charge up to 100 thousand pesos per month.

Target audience: It is estimated that 60 million
Filipinos own an internet-capable smartphone. Anything posted on the internet
can be viewed by more than 3 billion users worldwide. Even at 1% visibility
will still give you 30 million views.

It’s plain to see how much each marketing strategy
costs and how much reach you can get per ad campaign. An SEO company can also
run different strategies such as social media posts, articles, website
optimization and more.

Hiring an SEO Company in the

Don’t hesitate to advertise on the internet. Your product or brand can be advertised online and will be viewed by more people compared to using tri-media. We at SEO Global Inc. offers SEO packages that will increase your visibility and gain you, new clients. Talk with one of our agents and we can set up an effective internet marketing plan and see your business grow swiftly.