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As the use of the web has grown immeasurably, so have the techniques applied to ensure a particular company’s website is visible; SEO website servicesincluding SEO Philippinesbeing just one such technique in use. SEO Global Inc. are one company operating in the field of SEO.

The Cycle
SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a tool that can be used to help a particular website appear higher in a search engine rankings.  The higher the ranking, the more visitors, the more visitors,  the higher the ranking and so the cycle continues. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many companies, including the very biggest, utilise SEO. That said, like all industries, SEO is no different in that their are some companies doing SEO work in an unethical, or at least unfair, way.


Questions to Ask
There are some questions you can ask when you are in the market to enlist the help of an SEO company, some research you can do yourself to know better who you are considering entrusting your website’s success to. There is no better guide to the future than the past, therefore ask the provider about their previous projects and their success, or otherwise. Ask them if they abide by search engine guidelines – whilst SEO done properly can be a boon for your business, done improperly and it can kill your website.  It’s also wise to find out what other services the provider offers, to see if there is synergy amongst their offerings.  Find out what results they expect, and how quickly – and how they measure results.  Don’t forget to ask how exactly they utilise SEO, what their techniques are.  If they are too reticent about sharing, they might be hiding something. Of course, don’t forget about the basics such as how long they have been doing SEO, their experience in the industry and so on. One final thing to be aware of, the largest search engine, Google, does not have any special relationships with SEO providers, any such provider alluding to such a relationship is not to be trusted so be aware if they do this.

White Hat or Black Hat?
The most important question to ask yourself is “Does this provider use White Hat or Black Hat techniques to move my site up the rankings?”  As the names suggest, Black Hat is using frowned upon, and often banned, techniques – this includes spamming. White Hat adopts fair and acceptable techniques, including content writing and keyword analysis amongst many others. If your chosen provider is a Black Hat one, you may find your site dropping down the rankings, and even out of them completely.


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