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It is said that just building backlinks isn’t enough anymore to guarantee online SEO marketing success. And if backlink-stuffed content is not considered spammy, then what type of content and links should you use to rank in search engines and generate quality leads?

Below you’ll find the best types of content that will get you links and will help make your site attractive to Internet users:

Engaging Content

Instead of writing content designed mainly to claim links, produce quality content that is meant to offer value and relevance, and also for SEO. your content must have bone-deep value if you want to attract good links and website traffic. Whether you’re looking to earn links, attract readers, or get high search engine rankings, your focus must be on offering quality and value.

Thoroughly Researched Guides

People use the Internet to get important and useful information. They want to learn and be informed. This means that you should offer content that comes from thorough research. Your content has to contain statistics, facts, and any material that is usable and valuable for readers. When you become known to be a good source of reliable content, you’ll enjoy a continuous flow of traffic to your site.

Long-Form Posts or Blogs

When it comes to blogging, it has been proven that long-form content is much better compared to shorter ones. According to a report, articles and blogs with around 2,500 words are more likely to get attention and links than content with 1,000 words or fewer. With that said, you need to shift to making long-form content. But always remember that it’s not all about the length or number of words in your content; it always has to be quality.

List Posts

List-style posts have become very popular these days. That’s because lists are more actionable, readable, and more easily understood by readers. Readers love the fact that lists bits of information that’s well organized and presented.

Visual Appeal

Another thing that any SEO Philippines experts use for link and traffic generation is content with great visuals. Images play a very important role in making content attractive to readers and even search engines. According to surveys, colored visuals make a person want to read an article 80% more than plain content. Considering this, you should be more aggressive in choosing images or visuals to your content.

Targeted Content

An internet marketing services online SEO company or analyst will always tell you to create content that’s meant specifically for your target audience. You must know your target well so you can come up with ideas for content that will get their attention and earn links at the same time. This type of content will also increase your chances of generating quality leads.