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Search engine optimization has been helping companies all over the world gain much needed visibility in search engines and drive traffic to their websites, but for the business newbie who’s planning his strategy in branding, SEO Philippines is a subject that may be hard to understand.

For starters, SEO is an unpaid marketing strategy with the aim of improving your rankings in online searching, and increase awareness by directing visitors towards your webpage. Because of SEO, more online users will know about your company, and with this, you will soon achieve your business goals.

Why Your Website Needs SEO

Having a website is not enough. You need online marketing SEO services in order to keep up with the competition and up your game in the business industry. SEO helps you with search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Although, people can find your website through social media, search engines will still be their first platform in searching for things on the internet.

Without SEO, your website will be lost within the deeper areas of the internet and will be hard to find.

Fundamentals of SEO

A good understanding of SEO will give you better chances of winning at online marketing and will help your company achieve its goals faster. Here are the fundamentals that you need to be familiar with.

1. Strong, SEO friendly website foundation.

Do an audit of your website to ensure that its foundation is good. It should have a unique text content, internal link architecture, bot accessibility, sitemaps, URL structure, and server response codes.

2. Unique website content.

Make sure your site does not have any duplicate content or unnecessary pages. This will hinder you from your true ranking potential. You can go on google analytics and check which of your pages get the most traffic, and then you might want to get rid of the ones with the least visits.

3. Title tags.

With much importance, title tags in your homepage contribute a great deal to your ranking. Consider including your location in this and your search ranking will increase locally.

These are just some of the search engine optimization fundamentals that you have to understand in order to work well with your website and drive growth to your business.

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