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There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the most effective sources of website traffic. The only problem is that it has become an extremely crowded and competitive place. So if you are planning to use video marketing to generate traffic, you need to figure out how you’re going to make people watch your videos. Well, the good news is that with the help of a professional website promotions company, you can reap the benefits of a good video SEO.


You may find hundreds of companies out there that would offer to help you promote your websites. But in terms of getting considerable traffic to your videos, here are important video SEO tactics the best website promotions company will certainly use.


#1 Long Video Description


For your videos to rank in YouTube and Google, make sure that you provide them with detailed descriptions. Search engines don’t exactly know what’s in your video, so one way they could know about the content of your video is through its description. This is probably of the first things a good yet affordable website promotions company would advise that you do.


#2 Optimized Video Keywords


Of course you’d want to rank in YouTube, but it would be better if your videos rank well in Google, too. Google is actually generous when it comes to ranking YouTube videos as long as they contain appropriate video keywords, or those keywords that are likely to have video results. It is, therefore, crucial that before you pick a keyword for your video, make sure there are video results already in Google. Otherwise, you may find it really hard to see your videos ranking in search engines.


#3 Views from Targeted Online Communities


LinkedIn, Quora, and other online communities present a perfect opportunity for websites to get traffic. It isn’t a good idea, though, to just drop links to their content. However, if you’re going to offer your informative YouTube videos, chances are that they will share them with their users or members.


What website promotion companies do is find questions in various online communities that their videos can answer. When you do this, it is important that you offer value to potential viewers to make them want to get information from your videos.


Tip: It is worth sharing your video library on various online communities. What it will do is link your videos with quality views, which YouTube finds really favorable.


#4 Subscribing and Linking


Back-linking is a strategy that no professional website promotions company can use to promote videos. Instead, you should encourage viewers to subscribe to and link your videos. This will send a very strong signal to YouTube that your videos should rank in YouTube search.


#5 Keyword Rich Playlists


Keep your YouTube channel organized by creating playlists. A playlist that is keyword-rich provides YouTube with more detailed information about your videos and what they are about. This will then increase the likelihood of your videos to generate traffic.