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We take your ideas and transform it into reality. Tell us what you want for a website, the market you want to serve, and how you want your website to look.  If you want a website up for a product or service, tell us what your specifications are.

We will develop the site according to your requirements.  You will be given total control, down to the last detail.


Our web design service comes with on-site optimization and a host of other services.

1.  Web hosting and domain name registration
2.  Theme selection and installation
3.  Website development and design
4.  Site map creation
5.  Analytics installation
6.  Keyword research
7.  Content creation for web pages
8.  Keyword-based pagination
9.  Optimizing for mobile viewing
10. HAM tags (H, Alt and Meta tags)
11. Blog integration
12. Social media integration



Allows users to sign up for membership. Data collected will be stored in the database.

Payment Gateway

This feature allows online payment through Paypal, Visa and MasterCard. Bank payments may also be added.

Mobile Responsive

Is a method of web design that automatically scales a site’s appearance up or down to match the screen size on which it is viewed — PC, netbook, mobile, and tablet.

Virtual Agent

Offers a professional customer interaction channel where sales and customer service reps are able to proactively engage with visitors, provide live support. This places a huge impact on their buying decision and therefore, boost sales. All of these interactions occur on a live chat widget, running in real-time while visitor are exploring the page

Social Media Integration

Social media sharing icons are added to the site to let site visitors easily share and recommend your content/products to their friends via their personal social media accounts or email.

Contact Form

This allows users to connect with you via email if they have certain inquiries like asking for wholesale prices, discounts and others. Their messages will go directly to the email address of your choice.

Business Email

We can create a business email using your domain name. This helps convey the idea that you’re already established, professional and take your long-term branding seriously, which helps build customer trust.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Customers can share their experience with the product, we will add a customer ratings and review feature. Prospective customers are oftentimes lured into purchasing because of the positive reviews and 5 star ratings given by previous customers.

Newsletter Sign Up

Sending out weekly newsletters will help establish a relationship with your existing and prospective customers. Aside from name recall, this interaction builds customer trust.


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