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Why is SEO expensive? This is the question that first comes to mind of many businessmen and women looking for ways to improve their return on investment. Sure there are some SEO companies whose SEO pricing is way lower than average. But do you really want to get their questionable services? Especially when you know scams exist even in this industry and that a lot of people who claim to be SEO experts don’t really deliver their pitch?

Let us know just how much it would really cost to get the services of SEO experts and why.

SEO Pricing Today

Your local SEO company, like SEO Global Inc., offers different SEO packages depending on your needs and preferences. And their pricing would be based on such packages or specific service that you require of them.

  • According to experts, most SEO projects in 2018 cost between $350-$2,000 per month.
  • The hourly rate of SEO consultants fall between $80-$200.
  • One-time projects would even cost as much as $5,000-$30,000.

These figures will definitely have you calculating how much added investment you need to shell out in order to take advantage of SEO. But will it really be worth it?

Companies who have experience with the best SEO experts will tell you right away that investing in a good SEO company is truly worth it. Search engine marketing will boost your website’s traffic, reach more consumers, and improve your conversion rates. And that is what you would want.

But if you are second guessing your decisions, understand why a good SEO team will cost you significantly.

  1. A thorough audit is not cheap. Audits are needed to figure out what you need to improve with your site. Without it, you won’t know where to begin with SEO. But an audit is a tedious process which will require expert services. And that is definitely not a bargain.
  2. Site fixes and link clean-ups are no giveaways. These are even more expensive than the audit. After finding out what needs to be done with your site, the process of cleaning it up and fixing it will be costly.
  3. Keeping up with Google requires expert skill. And you need to pay for it. With Google’s constant changes in algorithms, experts need to be quick in figuring them out and finding ways to keep up in order to stay high up the ranks. And this is one reason why SEO is not cheap.

Having understood all these, it is clear why hiring SEO experts will cost you much. But it will definitely give you so much more.

So do ask about the services of SEO Global Inc. and find out which of their packages will fit your needs and your budget. Visit them now.