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Ask yourself this question, why do you go to Google?


The main reason why Google exists is because they want to help people with their researchIn simple terms, people search the internet using Google because they want to know about something that they know so little aboutThe best way to learn new things is to read content.


This is why Google is happy with websites spreading a lot of contentBut not just any content, they absolutely love content that is informative, well-researched, and contains exactly what people are looking forGoogle would turn a blind eye if you distribute a lot of content containing links to your website.


SEO consultants say if you want to pay Google for a top spot in the rankings, you have to pay them with contentWebsites that spread content containing their links get a reward of a high PR from GoogleHigh PR is only given to websites with many pages linking back to itThe best technique to gain high page rank is for you to post your content containing backlinks to your website on sites like Squidoo, article directories and blogs.


Content writing requires a person to do research, so it is not as simple as one may thinkBeing resourceful would allow you to create content that people are searching forBut of course, for those who are not really writers, this takes so much workThis is why they would go to SEO companies to obtain expert SEO servicesUnfortunately, a lot of SEO companies do not offer content creation as one of their marketing strategiesMany SEO companies believe they can make your website rank using other promotional alternatives to content distribution.


But even if they get the job done, it is merely for a short whileYou may rank for a while, but only to be surpassed by other websites using content for SEOThis is because once your content has been submitted and posted in blogs, Squidoo, or article directories, they stay there for a really long timeFor other strategies of website promotion, this is not the case.


SEO companies in the Philippines are actually the best SEO companies because of their intense focus on content distributionFilipinos are absolutely fantastic English speakers and writers because it is a second language for themYou will be surprised to know that even Filipinos without proper education can speak great EnglishGiven this information, do you know how incredibly wonderful Filipino SEO consultants are at writing and speaking English?


But to be cautious, first examine their SEO strategies and programs before retaining their servicesDo they involve a lot of content writing and distribution? If it is, then you’re at the right placeThese types of companies only come once in a blue moon so better get their services fast.